in one Year and right out the other


Each new year ushers in new beginnings.  2010 is proving to be no different.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people proclaim 2010 as a year of change, but I don’t see it. 

2008 was definitely a year of change.

2009 was also a year of change, but more a year of rebuilding.

2010 looks more like a year of mobilization.

Forward momentum is strong, and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

Where TemporarySanity will remain my launching point for observations and opinion January sees the launch of 2 new web initiatives:

1.) AURORA,Voter –


Created with the intent to provide a real-time pulse on issues pertaining to the community of Aurora, interactive polls will be conducted on a wide range of topics including: items arising from local media & social media, items voted on at council and items provided by contributors to this site.

With the 2010 Municipal election racing towards us there will be profiles for all candidates, with attributes that can be voted on for each.

This new site will serve to complement my interest in local politics, but unlike my current blog this will provide a greater dynamic for interaction through the use of web polls.

2.) Soon To Be Poo –


Finding a great deal of passion for everything that is food, both my partner and I decided that we wanted an outlet to share the things that make us feel (and look) really, really good.

From restaurant and store-shelf reviews, shopping tips and tricks, deal alerts, notes on farming, the 100 mile diet and tales from our kitchen.

The goal is to send the clear message that food is important. It is one of life’s major pleasures. It should not be the enemy, an inconvenience or made in China. Food is fun. It brings people together. It keeps us alive. It deserves our respect.


As many of you know we’re counting down the days to the birth of our second child.

2010 will be a fun year indeed!


Watts on your mind?

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