“self-congratulatory” greetings


Thank you Madame Mayor for yet again thanking yourself.  Your arms must get tired from continually patting yourself on the back.

When is this council going to start properly thanking its volunteers instead of taking credit for all that they do?

One wonders why a photo of herself and members of council was used in this greeting, when there were "numerous individuals and groups who volunteered their time to stand with a kettle to collect donations." 

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP) is defined as an inflated sense of self-importance; an extreme preoccupation with one's self)

Our mayor clearly sufferes from it.

I am beginning to wonder if the reason that the Mayor is getting interested in Facebook is because she honestly believes it to be a literal book that she can plaster her face all over.


2 thoughts on ““self-congratulatory” greetings

  1. I met Councillor McRoberts standing by a kettle this year at The Beer Store, with no fanfare or christmas carols being sung or paparazzi. I wonder how many of the GOS members stood by a kettle when no photographer was present?

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