Let’s start the bidding on the Petch house, do I hear $400K?


C’mon these are you hard earned tax dollars…..dig deep now!

It’s amazing the amount of time, attention and now money has been given to finding a location for the Petch House, yet council can’t seem to show the same enthusiasm for something the community desperately needs: assistance in finding a location for the Aurora food pantry.

Alas funds in the range of $100-400K are being considered for this rotting heap.

There is an article from the Era Banner: http://www.yorkregion.com/article/97138

Here are the notice of motion documents and comments from council:

Evelyn Buck was quick to point out several inconsistencies:

First off the dates in the document are incorrect.

It is claimed to be a “pioneer log house” it is not, it’s a clapboard construction.  If you want to see log houses go to pioneer village, this is not one of them.

Evelyn has posted a more recent blog entry here: http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.com/2010/01/telling-story.html

I find it interesting that an “anonymous” donation was made for the effort of saving the house, but the amount donated was so minuscule by comparison of what is projected it almost seems like someone wants the town to foot the bill on this.

If this is a descendant of the Petch family then that is very sad.

The motion goes on to say that the “demolition of One of Aurora’s oldest; most historic buildings would be a significant loss for the community’s heritage”  

I disagree.

The Petch house has little historic significance to Aurora as it sat outside the town’s boarders. 

It looks to be more of a significant loss for the descendants of the Petch family who were extended the offer to save it and declined.

Aurora seemed to ignore the “significant loss for the comunity’s heritage” when they bulldozed a fantastic farmhouse on the SW corner of Baview and Wellington to make room for the Toyota dealership. 

This was an amazing building, still in use as a school, it was refurbished and in great shape.  It should have been saved, and its ghost will haunt this council’s record of abandon on truly historic structures it has turned its back on.

Seeing as the Petch House’s best days are behind it it could be honored best through photographs and artist renderings.  I found a great paper model of the Petch House that anyone can download and build their own:



I heard that Sher St. Kitts recently purchased “property” in Aurora.
Perhaps she would like to inherit the Petch house to place on her property. 


She could always turn it into a music studio for her husband, like this:


Failing that she could always use it as an outhouse thus preventing the spreading of her feces filled ramblings around our town.


Watts on your mind?

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