The Era Banner has reduced itself to little more than advertising wrapped around Public Service Announcements (PSA) and overly biased articles that support Mayor Morris.

It's common to see them collide when penned by Sean Pierce or the equally vacuous Teresa Latchford and I was revolted to see a friend of my extended family being used as a political P.R. piece for our mayor in this Sunday's paper:

The article was more about showcasing our mayor's concern than focusing on Dan Hargrave's plea for help.

I don't buy the mayor's line "If people like Tanis don't share their stories, we don't know people need help."  That statement is pompously arrogant believing that as citizens we are ignorant, or it shows that our Mayor herself is extremely ignorant.  

How can anyone not know about all of the needs in our community when we are bombarded by them 24.7.  We hear it week after week after week. Be it organ donation to charitable donations, to volunteering to disaster relief.  The list goes on and on.  Everything is a P.S.A. about something.

You would have to be living in a vacuum not to be aware.

Should Tanis have had an article to shed light on her son's condition, most definitely.  Should it have included a statement by the mayor?  Unless she has recently donated an organ herself, definitely not.

How is our Mayor's concern a news item?  Can't we as humans assume that everyone's heart goes out to Tanis and her son.  What would be news is if the mayor didn't show concern.

When it comes right down to it our mayor's opinion is irrelevant.

Just like we don't care about Bono's thoughts on world peace, we don't care about Phyllis Morris' thoughts on organ donation.

You are a mayor, not a celebrity, start acting like one.

Why didn't the writer get input from a medical professional, a member of an outreach organization or better yet focus more on Tanis and her cause?

Well because this is an election year, and god forbid the mayor isn't mentioned in the papers.

…….or maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing.

Maybe the mayor is genuinely interested, after all there's always the possibility that someone will donate her a much needed brain. 

Without sounding like a P.S.A, everyone sign those donor cards pronto!


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