Aurora’s new Cultural “off centre”


A driving component of Aurora's so-called "Renaissance" seems to be the yet to open, and insanely expensive Cultural Center.

For those of us that aren't delusional and remember our high school classes we all recognize that culture isn't something that can be contained in a box, or behind 4 walls, nor is it a commodity, but this doesn't seem to be stopping all of the efforts in this direction.

Aurorans should be asking why monies for various heritage efforts were not spread around but instead funneled for this effort.

There is no doubt that there will be value in the programs and artifacts within this new center, but at what cost?

What cultural programs and initiatives did we have to sacrifice in order to bring this center online?

It is absurd to believe that through channeling all funding and programs to one centralized facility that you are a champion for providing or revitalizing any aspect of culture in the town.

It stinks of elitism an disassociation.  Of squandering a towns collective culture and creating barriers to entry.

Culture doesn't come from a center, Infact culture is in its true form very decentralized.

Culture comes from connectedness, from community.

Like accountability culture is very external, it lives in the spaces between citizens.

Hearing of a lavish opening ceremony planned for the opening of this center only reinforces my fears.

What is the percentage of the population that this center expects to serve?  10%, 20%.

Culture for Aurorans is facing another divide between the haves and have-nots.  Where high-culture rules the roost and programs for the community are sacrificed to pay for the wine and cheese and cocktail parties.

A Renaissance indeed.


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