Persistence is futile


I'm in no way trying to draw a comparison between Madonna and Heidi G. A. Stoecklin outside of their shared irrelevance.  Madonna is a marketing and communication genius where Heidi has proven to this town that she doesn't comprehend the basics of either.

First it was organizing a "love-in", to which no one showed up for.
The purpose of this hippie-fest was to to bring the Canadian Forces home from Afghanistan before the end of 2009. 
There was calling for our PM's head and borderline anti-Semitic comments buried in a rambling and nonsensical letter to the Auroran.

You can read the discussion surrounding it here:

More recently Heidi has turned her attention to the Nokiidaa Trail.  To which she assembled a protest with a staggering number of 8 supporters.

To ensure that no one in Town forgets how steadfast and stupid she is she wrote yet another letter to the Auroran, this time it was 3/4 of a page where she says she will keep us posted.  To which i say, please don't.

Is she getting paid by the letter?  She must because why else would someone write so much to say so little.

As for extending the Nokiidaa Trail it is my understanding that the majority of this town wishes to extend the trail and enjoy it.

I have to agree with councilor Buck that humoring all of this huffing and puffing has resulted in the "avoidance of making a decision" and has cost us $50,000. 

Of all the things in our town to protest this isn't one that requires any more debate.

Ron, I implore you.  This is the second letter you have printed that has exceeded half a page.  Do not give this wack job any more press, let her submit her ramblings to the Mayora Banner, or assemble her granola munchers in drum circles around town where we can more effectively ignore her.

Dhiru Thadani said it best:

"Environmentalists fail to understand that human beings are a life form."

Heidi proves this to its fullest.

Maybe once she comes to this realization the rest of us in Aurora will be interested to hear what she has to say.


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