Compromising Integrity


The general consensus I get from the community is that Aurora does not require an integrity commissioner.

The community seems to be in agreement with the great Albert Camus who said: “Integrity has no need of rules.”

It is echoed in this excellent book "High Performance with High Integrity"


The author Ben Heineman argues that there is only one way for companies to avoid such failures: CEOs must create a culture of integrity through exemplary leadership, transparency, incentives, and processes, not just rules and penalties.

Unfortunately those who have been elected see otherwise.

The Mayora Banner says that the hiring of the Integrity Comissioner v2.0 will be put to a vote this Tuesday:

Which of course will no doubt pass because of the coalition on council (gang of six) that have pushed hard to file a code of conduct complaint will undoubtedly vote in favor.

Combine the costs of $60,000 + $30,000 for both integrity commissioners and we get a figure close to $100,000.
Unfortunately the real cost will be much higher than this, both economically, and culturally.

And for what?  To continue personal and petty attacks.

Spencer Johnson framed it as :“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”'

The Mayor and the rest of misfits may have very well told themselves the truth but they have proven to be anything but honest with the rest of the town.

Chancellor Evelina MacHeckron couldn't help but to add to the spin by saying:

"some councilors act as though they're exempt from the code of conduct."

She's absolutely right, the entire Gang of Six seems to act as though they are exempt from the code of conduct.

They are overtly using the role of the integrity commissioner to win a war of public opinion. 

Zig Ziglar pointed out:  “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.”

The absence of leadership and even humanity are front and center for all to see.
Let's hope that several "Integrity Citizens" come forward to file complaints against this gang of six.

They stand in the way of everything that ever has been and ever will be "good company".


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