Theater of the Absurd


What does Aurora have a greater need for:  A location for the Food Pantry or a Theater?

Councilor Buck offered a suggestion for locating the Food pantry in the downtown core..

Apparently there is space available in the old library building.

The building is heated, has lighting and is maintained.
There is unused space in the building.
The location would be convenient.
It’s on a bus route.

So what's the catch?

Apparently our all controlling mayor has greater plans:  The old library is to become a theater.

Doesn't Aurora already have a theater?

It would be a shame for council to turn its back on the less fortunate after all the public outcry just to gain a new place for champagne socialists to assemble.

Elitism is the obstacle to true progress, at least it certainly is here in Aurora.

With the circus in town who is going to have time to take in the theatre?


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