Denying the obvious?


I never heard the name Roger Clowater around town until he announced his intentions to run for Mayor.

I haven't seen him active in any of the local organizations aside for a polo event which lists in his campaign blurb.

I haven't read any of his submissions in the local media or social media spheres, and after searching I don't believe there are any.

All that I can gather from his blog is the following:

1.) Roger has no experience serving on Aurora council.
Roger has no experience on any local council at the municipal level in York Region, Ontario or even Canada.

The only connection I have seen is that he has volunteered at Rogers to help videotape the council meetings.

2.) His education is more applicable than our current Mayors and Nigel Kean's.

His formal studies include a Masters of Science in Public Relations from Stirling University, Scotland, United Kingdom and Corporate Communications Management from Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario with high honors.

His Masters degree was interdisciplinary, drawing on the fields of organizational communication, organizational behavior, psychology, persuasion studies, management studies, marketing, media studies and communications.

All tools which would serve him well in the position.

Yet there is little mention of hm applying his skills.

3.)  He claims to have "business experience" but fails to extrapolate on what level and with what businesses.

A 16 year old working at MacDonalds can claim he has business/service experience, so until this is expanded upon with more specifics in terms of accomplishments it is moot.

By doing a little digging I see he has a company named "Roger Clowater Public Relations"  established in 2000 making $200,000 annually drawing upon 15 years of "service experience".

The following website claims to be affiliated with "Roger Clowater Media":

There is a breif bio that reads:

Roger was a police officer in Saint John, New Brunswick for 25 years. His credo of “leave people feeling better about themselves after their contact with him than they felt before” helped him receive the Governor General’s medal for exemplary service.

He operated an outdoor adventure company treating international tourists to experiences they would cherish for a lifetime.

From 1999 – 2008 he was the president of a chocolate confectionary company Mary’s Gourmet Inc based in Toronto.

The Canadian Public Relations Society awarded him the Doris Whiteside Award for professionalism. He currently is a freelance public relations practitioner in Toronto and volunteers for the “Polo for Heart” Campaign. Roger is the public relations coordinator for “Come Home to the River”.

4.) The only political experience he lists of relevance is working on Lois Brown's campaign.

and most interesting of all:

5.) He is not critical of current council.

For someone who has taped so many council meetings how could such an observation be made?

Even a casual observer comes to the conclusion that council is dysfunctional. 
We have been in the major media spotlight, we have spent huge $ on code of conduct and integrity commissioners.

It doesn't take a Masters degree in Public Relations to see this.

There's one thing to run a positive campaign, but quite another to openly deny the obvious.

I find it interesting that the mayor was not available to comment when she is in every issue of the paper for the most ridiculous things.

The only conclusions I can draw at this point is that Mr. Clowater is more in favor of propagating the existing dysfunction than solving it.

Aurora still deserves better.


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