Gonna make a jailbreak


Auroran Marina Nemat ( http://www.marinanemat.com/ ) penned a fantastic and internationally recognized best selling memoir titled “Prisoner of Tehran” : http://www.amazon.com/Prisoner-Tehran-Memoir-Marina-Nemat/dp/1416537422


This shortly after working at the Swiss Chalet at the south end of town off Henderson Drive.

I understand her memoir was powerful and gripping.  If it is anything like her essay titled “Dissidence & Literature” it should be injected into our education system.

I have attached the aforementioned essay to this post because it is valuable to have such an objective view on dissidence and the rise of what she terms “literary propaganda”. 

Dissidence and Literature.pdf
Download this file

I wonder what Marina thinks of the local political climate.

I couldn’t help but draw several comparisons to her experiences in Iran and our MorMac regime and wonder if as citizens we are becoming Prisoners of the corporation of Aurora. 

Read the following sections I excerpted regarding information control & propaganda and make up your own mind:

Technologically, the world has come very far in the recent years, but still, dictatorships follow the same path as they always have, but of course, now they do it in a more sophisticated way. They still burn and ban books, but now they also try to limit and control the use of the Internet, because it is through the internet that the written word can reach millions of people in an instant and bring them the information that these
governments and powers have tried to hide. Discussions can be made, and the truth can rise to the top. Of course, this age of technology has its own complications. Just the same way that writers and dissidents can use the Internet to reach people, dictatorships and their agents and supporters can do the exact same thing and try to distort the truth. 

In Iran today, before each and every book is published, it has to be examined by the Ministry of Information. For thousands of years, Persia produced world-famous writers and poets, but since the success of the Islamic Revolution, the only books that officially make it to the printers in Iran are the ones that promote the government’s ideology and propaganda or the ones that are deemed “harmless.”

The recent changes to the makeup of the town staff including the expansion of the corporate communications department with costs exceeding $100,000 annually, one has to wonder how the Mayor and her cronies can justify hiring such P.R. components during an election year.

The continued control over traditional media outlets and ignorance for emerging ones says to me these recent moves are nothing more than an attempt at expanding their “ministry of information and spin”.

Let them spread the manure far and wide.
Truth always rises to the top.

To those of us who have felt like prisoners to the Gang of Six for these last 3 years, when we hit the polls in October lets do it all in the name of liberty, and hope none of us have to make it out with a bullet in the back……


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