People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses.


It’s the only way to explain what has happened to all the bright and valuable town staff that have left since the MorMac regime has taken hold.

I’ve lost track of the number but it must be around 90% of the town staff.

It is laughable to believe that Morris or Macheckron care about town staff as much as they profess and that they believe they are protecting them.

From what I’ve heard the climate at Council and at Town Hall is sunk with a black fog of negative energy.  The entity is run as a top-down oligarchy.

There is a great list here that outlines “The 5 Worst Traits of Poor Leaders”—The-5-Worst-Traits-of-Poor-Leaders&id=1921856

Without duplicating the article in its entirety the 5 traits are:

Trait 1: Being arrogant
Trait 2: Unwilling to listen
Trait 3: Bullying
Trait 4: Favouritism
Trait 5: Disorganised

Our Mayor embodies all 5.

Dale Dauten wrote a great piece title “If you act like a jerk, at least acknowledge it” :

He quotes Ken Cooper who coined the term “impeedership”:

Impedership traits include:

– mistaking the concept of “executive” for “royalty”
– blaming the system by saying: It’s out of my control.”

Check, yup, Check…

I like the exercise that Ken Cooper outlines at the end when he suggests that managers ask their employees which traits they exhibit.
Such openness can only be dreamed of here in Aurora.
Transparency and accountability are loft ideals,  not something that is actually put to the test.

This video demonstrates that demotivation truly is an art:

I often use Demotivational style posters with my blog posts.
The effect is rather similar to a Dilbert cartoon, which I would be amiss to leave out of this posting:


There are more videos in the demotivational series, and also a Manager’s handbook here:


It’s a careful, detailed explanation of how to be a perfect evil manager.

What makes me think this may be the “HR Experience” Mayor Morris is claiming on her resume.


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