we can’t do this all day


This week's letter to the editor in both the Tuesday edition of the Mayora Banner (pg 8) and the Auroran (pg 6) are identical.

They are in fact identical to the notice posted to the Mayora Banner's "Notice Board" over two weeks ago which I commented on in a previous post:  http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/self-congratulatory-greetings

So what's the deal here?

Why would the mayor, who already posted her "congratulatory greeting" choose to re-post it 2 weeks later to two papers, one of which she already posted it to?

Either she believes that we may have missed the initial posting, which is insulting peoples intelligence, or more likely she is doing everything from a P.R. stand point to remain relevant and in the spotlight.  "Look at me! I'm a do gooder!"

There was a fantastic question that was entered as a comment to my original post and it was this:

"I wonder how many of the GOS members stood by a kettle when no photographer was present?"

The answer is of course none.

The mayor has effectively been able to plug in an hours worth of time and then sit back and continue to squeeze every last drop of P.R. from this appearance.

You have to hand it for her, the amount of exposure she gets is astounding.
I wonder if she's getting her P.R. consultations from Liquidation World?

3-for-1 is a great deal, or as George Bush use to call it : "the trifecta"


Watts on your mind?

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