God isn’t dead, he just couldn’t find a parking place


At the Jan 26th council meeting the mayor spoke to a P.S.A. regarding parking in relation to the downtown core. 

Looks like she's taking a page from the book of one of her heroes Newt Gingrich who said:
"What is the primary purpose of a political leader? To build a majority. If voters care about parking lots, then talk about parking lots."

She claims there is an excess of 700 spots of parking in town.
To substantiate her claim she refereed all of us mortals to refer to a magic map that was recently printed in the "noticeboard" section of the Mayora banner.

Lets take a look at this fantastic solution put forward by our brain-dead business advisory committee:


First off, read the blurb of propaganda on the left hand side:

"Aurora's vibrant downtown core" – who actually claims this other than the town?  Has anyone asked some of the business owners how they would define our core.  I think burnt out smoldering hell hole is more appropriate.

Secondly, The map clearly shows the problem that any citizen can and has been bring forward year after year:  There is no convenient parking adjacent to Yonge Street.

Parking on Yonge is not convenient, it is incredibly dangerous.  It is only going to get more so as we add 1,000 more people a year to our town.

Here's an idea, remove parking from young street to free congestion and avoid unnecessary collisions whether they be car-car or pedestrian-car which seem to be on the rise these days.

Purchase a spot in the downtown core and dedicate it for parking that is convenient.
I suppose this is part of the master plan, or not, but I fail to see how printing a map indicating where inconvenient parking is located will solve this issue.

Thirdly, On Street Parking is somewhat ridiculous to include into a map like this (and a total # of spots) without including mention of approximate times for parking.  Street parking is also not an option in winter when snow and ice become obstacles.

I sure hope that producing this irrelevant map didn't cost the town a significant amount of time or money, because the very media it is printed on is disposable, which is exactly what 99.999% of the people did with it I'm sure.

The very idea of printing a map to help educate people to park shows the lack of understanding.

So everyone looking for a parking spot needs to take this almighty map with them so they know where to park?   Does that sound feasible?

Here's a better question : what about people from out of town?  they most likely didn't read the Mayora Banner and clip out the map, so how does it help them?

People get their information immediately, not from some clipped out map.

In a world with GPS loaded with points of interest, augmented reality apps for smartphones, how people get their information has improved significantly since the age of falling trees squishing them into paper and printing of paper.

Signs help, we should be starting there, if anyone believes there are adequate signs on Yonge St for parking they are fooling themselves.  Want to prove me wrong?  Try traveling in a vehicle with someone from out of town, remain silent and watch them try and determine where to park.  See if they recognize the current signage, see if they don't get overly frustrated.

The advise the town is getting from its business advisory committee is as pathetic as those who sit on it.
I expect their next suggestion regarding parking will look like this:


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