A hamburger by any other name costs twice as much.


Councilor Wendy Gaertner blathered on during the Jan 26th council meeting attempting to stitch words together into sentences allowing little substance to come to the surface.

First off she sang praises about the 2009 "year of Business initiative".
She thinks the website is terrific, which shouldn't be surprising seeing as she sits on the committee, so this is nothing more than back patting.

I have already commented on the lame excuse for a website in a previous post here:

And what exactly does she mean that this website is a "virtual" office? 
What a cop-out.  This only begs the question as to why haven't they created a real one.
The 2006 strategic plan clearly outlines the development of an Aurora Business Enterprise Center.  Not a poorly constructed propaganda piece to serve as a virtual office.

Councilor Gaertner was also overly concerned with emergency preparedness during the meeting and extended the meeting by more than 20 minutes by asking questions of the fire chief that only further questioned her intelligence which is already suspect due to her forgetting the time of the remembrance day ceremony.

Why she couldn't have asked these questions of the chief privately before the meeting is anyone's guess, I kind of wonder if she likes the opportunity to hear herself speak.

She kept emphasizing "worst case scenario", one has to wonder if by this she is referring to seeking re-election.


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