close encounters of the turd kind


Stop the Presses, there’s been a Mayor Sighting!

I stopped at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Aurora Heights around 4pm today to pick up some last minute items before the baby is born and lo and behold who does my cart almost run into in one of the isles, the Mayor.  I don’t frequent Shoppers Drug Mart, but it is convenient.  I never expected Her Worship to come down from on high to shop with the commoners. 

I was with my family, and honestly didn’t have an business to discuss with her so I went on with my shopping. 

Curiously the Mayor circled once or twice and waited for me to select milk out of the dairy cooler before approaching me.

“Mr Watts?”  She asked?

I looked up and said “Yes”.

She paused, and seemed somewhat smug.

“Mr Christopher Watts? She asked.  Her tone was both confontational and arrogant.

“Yes?” I said for the second time, wondering what it was she wanted.

“I thought so” she said before turning her back and proceeding down the isle like a frumpish old queen.

I thought she was approaching me to ask a question, apparently it was just a sniff test.

I should mention that I have never met our mayor, nor have I been formally introduced.
It’s not like I have a secret identity but how she knows what I look like, or could pick me out of a crowd is anybody’s guess.

I’ve never seen someone try so hard at intimidation and fall flat on their face….oh wait, that’s not true it kind of reminded me of how Sher approached me at the Farmers Market last fall.

Aurora’s slogan is: “You’re in good company”
The town’s website claims “Mayor Morris looks forward to meeting with you!”.

I got the opposite feeling from this brief meeting.

When not accompanied by any of her gang the mayor has little to say, but as we know actions always speak louder than words.
I guess her Worship forgot that those would get mention here too.

What an ambassador for our town Phyllis is.


One thought on “close encounters of the turd kind

  1. What’s up with that? Obviously she follows your blog and every other one, which is great to know…but it is kind of creepy how she knows what you look like – must be a “lurker” on Facebook or maybe she has a team of secret agents following your every move…

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