I've received 3 unsolicited mail outs this year and a total of 5 telemarketing calls from Bell.
All of the calls have been from overseas, the person on the other end of the phone is rude, hard to understand and quick to read from a script.
Each time I have been called I ask for them not to call me again, but the message isn't getting through.

Looks like I'm not alone:

As Bell Canada operates the do not call list, how do you stop Bell from calling you?

This article looks at the loophole that allows such calls:

It offers the following advise for when you get a telemarketing call:

It is actually important that you say “please place me on your “Distinct Do Not Call List”, per subsection 41.7(4) of the Telecommunications Act."

That immediately and permanently removes any exemption.

You can find the legislation here:

And you can find a recording of the CRTC suppressing evidence that the list would be abused by foreign telemarketers here:


3 thoughts on “Unbelieve-a-Bell

  1. You need to call Bell @ 310 BELL and speak to a CSR. Tell them you don’t want their telemarketers calling you. Your next bill will show a line item reading something like “telemarketing exclusion.”

    You will need to do this once a year. I get direct mail from Bell. They never call me.

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