A smelly Flip-Flop


For Councilor Wilson to be quoted in this Thursday's Era Baner : http://www.yorkregion.com/News/Aurora/article/102643 , as saying "I would never support spending a dime on this" when referring to the Petch house debacle that has diverted council's attention away from more serious matters is complete bullshit.

At one point, Councilor Wilson recommended the structure be demolished.
For some reason, he flip-flopped and that motion was withdrawn in favor of spending money on needless studies and reports to reach the conclusion that spending money on this shit-shack was foolish.

By my calculations over $10,000 was spent to arrive at the very decision councilor Buck made before all of this hoopla.  

Thanks Councilor Wilson for not spending "a" dime, but instead the approval of spending 100,000 of them.

Councilor Buck actually visited the site.  Did any other councilor think to do the same before they decided to spend money on these reports and studies?

Councilor MacHeckron seemed to be a driving factor in all of these studies and involvement of town staff and resources.

You can review her notice of motion here:

The Background information in this report was wrong on several points which Councilor Buck corrected. 

Watching the council meeting when this motion was presented Councilor MacHeckron was downright rude and condescending to Councilor Buck when she was voicing these corrections, she basically questioned why Councilor Buck was voicing them at the council meeting as opposed to contacting staff prior to the meeting.

God forbid a councilor tries to interject some historic perspective to some tossed together notion.

It is unfortunate that Councilor MacHeckron didn't do her homework before bringing the report to council, and even more unfortunate that so much time and money have been spent on such a non-issue.

I understand that the Petch House was also removed as a line item from the 2010 budget before this meeting of G.C.

At some point somewhere a light must have gone on for the G.O.S. and being in an election year they decided to flip-flop back to a more rational approach to this non-heritage property.

One wonders if Councilor Buck's initial "dissent" on this motion was not so vocal, and the outcry from the town was not heard so swiftly through both traditional media and blogs if we would have seen a different outcome.

Voting as a block, or not, the people have spoken and the power is with the people not the power hungry Ass-hat politicians we have running our council.

I laughed when I read about "approaching Whitwell to erect a small memorial"
Why should they do anything regarding this property outside of their initial agreement?  Especially after how the town handled their involvement in erecting the recent town sign.

Didn't the town receive an "anonymous" $8,000 for the Petch house?  Given that we've already spent it on studies and reports, perhaps the same anonymous donor wishes to commemorate the site with their own memorial.

I would suggest something similar to this:


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