.. and your little dog too!


Having a couple sleepless nights gave me a chance to reflect more on my recent encounter with the Mayor.

I’m still having trouble understanding how the mayor could recognize me.  For never being introduced, never working or having any business together and generally keeping a low profile around town, on this I am confused.

For someone who claims not to read the blogs how is it that our Mayor figured she could approach me and behave like she did?

Being the self absorbed narcissist that she is I just assumed she read my blog, and after my curiosity got the better of me Google Analytics confirmed that.  Now after this encounter it is just laughable for anyone to think otherwise.

Her reaction reminds me of those advertisements you sometimes see on the side of buses and plastered on benches as transit shelters that read : “You just proved that Advertising works.”

By approaching me she just proved that my blog works.  She reads it and she’s obviously not happy with what she reads.
Just like I’m not happy with the way she conducts our town’s business, nor am I happy with how she conducts herself generally in public.

Phyllis claims to have “HR experience”.  but fails to extrapolate on exactly how she honed any skills in this area.  Her circling me like a shark, and speaking to me in such a condescending and rude tone exchanging a menacing glace leads me to believe that either she has absolutely no experience in H.R. or that she is attempting to use this experience to power-trip and intimidate me.

This got me thinking.

I am a citizen of Aurora, and Phyllis is an employee of Aurora.

I pay her to do her job, ergo I am her boss, not the other way around.

If anyone spoke to their boss the way she talked to me they would be fired on the spot.

Her conduct was less than becoming, in fact her conduct contravened the very code of conduct (By-law # 5036-08.C) she claims to hold so dear.  The code of conduct outlines that the very position held is a “privaledge” and that members of council are held to a “high standard” as “leaders” of the community.

I kept remembering Phyllis quote from the council meeting of April 14th 2009 when she said:

“It isn’t all just what happens in front of the camera.  Things happen outside these chambers, that happen also.”

Boy do they ever.

If I wasn’t so preoccupied with welcoming my 2nd daughter into the world I would have booked a 15 minute appointment with her on Friday to ask her exactly what it was she wanted to say.


Why was it so important for you to approach me in public in such a rude manner?

You approached me as though there was something you wish to discuss, but instead turned your back like a coward and ran away.

The fact that as you hovered over me waiting to confirm my identity you didn’t even have the decency to acknowledge both my pregnant partner, or my daughter shows very little civility on your part.  Although now I’m glad that you didn’t, I’m not sure I want you anywhere near my family.

Next time I’ll be sure to check the parking lot first to see if your broom is there.


One thought on “.. and your little dog too!

  1. Very bizarre behaviour – I wonder what code of conduct she follows – I read the official code of conduct the other day on the website and laughed – those 6 are such hypocrites!

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