service with a newborn smile


We added another member to our family Thursday night.  A healthy baby girl and the whole process couldn't have gone any smoother.

My hats are off to the entire staff at Southlake Hospital in Newmarket, it truly is a world class facility.

It has to be the best hospital in the province and I'm betting all of the country.

We had a fantastic experience 3 yrs ago when our first daughter was born, and if anything Southlake has improved.

Everyone along the whole chain: administrators, volunteers, doctors, students and the endless nursing staff were top notch.

Delivery was under 4 hrs!   We were in the hospital Thursday at around 2:30PM and back home Saturday around 2:30PM.

A big thank you card will be made and delivered to the staff.

There was no one that we encountered that weren't capable or performing their job, didn't want to be there or that weren't overly polite and ready to listen to your every concern.

It was the complete opposite experience from my run in with the mayor the day before.

The entire Gang-of Six could learn a lot by spending 5 minutes at Southlake.

Bringing another life into the world and bearing the responsibility to provide for her the best experience possible only strengthens my resolve to influence a positive change in Aurora.

It's either that or pull up stakes and move because as it stands this town is not where I want to raise a family.

Aurora deserves better….and so do my kids.


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