playing the lawyer card


Given the downward spiral of Aurora council this term I thought it was interesting to check out what is going on to the south of us in Vaughan.

The Toronto Star published an article titled "Vaughan mayor cited for refusing to answer resident’s questions" :–vaughan-mayor-cited-for-refusing-to-answer-resident-s-questions?bn=1

I like how the mayor sidesteps talking about the issue entirely by saying that she is unable to do so because of her hands being tied by her lawyers.

“Fundamentally I don’t have a problem with answering anyone, but when you are told not to by your city solicitor and external lawyer, then you have to take their advice,”

Sounded eerily similar to Mayor Morris when she spoke of the firing of Aurora's first Integrity Commissioner David Nitkin and how she was directed to cease and desist making defamatory statements against Mr. Nitkin's credentials.

Openness and Accountability is incomprehensible to so many in politics.  I guess that's why they surround themselves with lawyers.


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