The mayoral race in Toronto is proving to be an interesting one to follow.  I never have, nor do I have any foreseeable interest in living in Toronto, but as it encroaches northwards swallowing up municipalities those in the 905 have to pay attention to the mega city, and the mega-douchebags that run it.

Especially when those like outgoing mayor Miller look at 905ers as lechers of Toronto’s services and a burden, more than an incredible revenue stream for his city.

The Toronto Star had an article here regarding the 2010 budget:–toronto-property-taxes-rise-along-with-user-fees

Like the others that have come before it for the past 20 years, the 2010 budget is a joke and does nothing to correct a city that is going bankrupt simply to maintain low property taxes.

Toronto has ridiculously and unsustainable property taxes, anyone who thinks differently is in for a surprise equal to an appendix rupturing.

Ass-hat Miller said the average Toronto home, with an assessed value of $407,374 now pays $2,334 in property taxes (excluding school taxes).

In Aurora, the equivalent home would pay $4,200+.

Aurora is raising their property taxes 2.8%, by comparison Toronto is raising their property taxes 4%.

If you read this quickly you would believe that Aurorans have a high tax base and are getting a modest increase, and that Torontonians have a lower tax base and are receiving a larger increase.

The opposite is True.

Here in Aurora, until recently, we get what we pay for.  In fact we often get more than we pay for, but the recent 2.8% increase is not modest at all.  It is huge, and unwarranted.

Aurora council has not done more with less, in fact this council has pissed away significant $ and is forced to raise taxes to cover costs.  To convince its citizens shitty photocopied bar graphs showing no tax increases over a long period as the reason for increases going forward is bullshit.

Aurora has had high taxes over that period, we’ve paid more and we’ve received more, up until this current term of council.

Now lets look back at Toronto.

4% seems big to them, but in the grand scheme is small, so how is this offset?

Read the fine print: $13 million in user fee hikes.

Torontonians pay through the ass in user fees.  Everything costs significant $. 

If you want to compare apples to apples then combine the costs of these user fees and property taxes.  It would exceed the equivalent property taxes in Aurora and other municipalities in the 905.

Toronto has been poorly run for the last two decades, it has done nothing to service its citizens, and instead has lured them into a false sense of security regarding their property taxes and the downward spiral of the quality of life the government can afford to provide.

So in the mayoral race who from this past cesspool is putting their hat forward?

Well, Mayor Miller bowed out, he was assured defeat and didn’t wish to face it. 

Giambrone self destructed faster than any politician in Toronto’s recent history.  He finally chose to drop out of the race, and this is good news for Toronto.

So whose left from Miller’s camp?

Introducing Joe (Pantload) Pantalone.

Joe has to be one of the most backwards and ignorant politicians in the 416.

Unlike many Toronto councilor’s Joe choose not to freeze his salary:

Why would he.  His staff had the 2nd largest salary.  There’s plenty of money to be shoveled around when you’re close to Joe.

But it gets better.

Read the following article titled “The Battle for Ici Bistro and Why Joe Pantalone Dug His Own Grave in His Quest to Be Mayor” :

Joe is effectively stopping the gentrification of Ossington in order to keep a hold on the same scene on College St.  It’s blatant, transparent and his approach has indeed cost him support and most likely any chance of becoming mayor.  Rightly so.

And if that wasn’t enough to clinch it Pantalone showed a side of himself that shocked and disgusted the majority of the city in the battle over a Norway Maple a retired city of York couple wanted to remove from their property, since the tree had infiltrated their house and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

Pantalone led the fight to save that tree, but let another Norway Maple in Etobicoke die because he called it an “invasive species.” ( )

Even the city’s ombudsman criticized Pantalone for his arbitrary views.

If that’s indicative of the way he will deal with citizen concerns, he shouldn’t be mayor.  Of course with holding only 5% support in the polls Joe won’t be Toronto’s next mayor.But on the even brighter side, by choosing to run for mayor he won’t be on council either.

With Miller, Giambrone and Panload out, perhaps someone can steer the sinking ship away from the iceberg.  Maybe not enough to avoid a collision, but enough to soften the blow.

Joe reminds me so much of Aurora’s “wannabe Deputy-Mayor” Evilina MacHeckron.

One can only hope the rumors are true, that she acts on her delusions of grandeur and enters the mayoral race so that her ass can also be handed to her thus ensuring she has no role on the next council.

Together Pantalone and MacHeckron make a perfect couple …..of pantloads.

There now that I got that out of my system, changing newborn diapers doesn’t seem so bad.


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