How Hollywood encourages piracy


I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought a DVD that wasn’t a kids movie, and even that was probably bought from a $5 bin.

I can’t bring myself to pay upwards of $20, sometimes $40 for an over packaged piece of content that is loaded with advertising and strict user controls that prevent me from bypassing it just to get to the content.

But then again I can’t bring myself to rent the same either.

The worst one I own is a children’s TV show which has a PSA about piracy:

I bought the goddam DVD.  I paid you your money, so why do I have to be told over and over each time I go to watch the show about the dangers of piracy?

Talk about sending your message to the wrong audience.

Trailers on DVDs are as absurd as paying for T.V. that has commercials.

Disney is by far the worst offender, and they seem to be unrelenting.
Check out what they are doing now to netflix customers:

Consumers want to take the bow and wrapping off their package as soon as they get it.  Once it’s off there is no interest in putting it back on.

T.V. used to be free, for the mild inconvenience of watching some commercials you got your programming.

And then came Cable TV.

At first people wondered why anyone would pay to watch TV with commercials.  I still do.

And then one by one the aerials fell, and people were all to happy to sign up for $40-$200 / month packages for their precious T.V.

Those days are over.  Enough is enough.  Why should an end user have to pay for programming that has been heavily subsidized by the advertising revenue from the commercials.

“Over the air HDTV”  is just that.  TV, and HDTV at that, being sent over the air and can be received by aerial.

Sites are starting to spring up to share information regarding optimal ways of setting up the hardware:

Outfits such as FreeHD Canada ( ) are being cleared by the CRTC and will compete with Bell and Rogers.

Over the Air TV, along with now juggernauts Hulu (  & Boxee ( ) are reshaping both the broadcast tv, and commercially packaged video landscape.

One by one cable will be cut.  Aerials will be erected.  Video will be saved to PVR with the commercials extracted then streamed throughout the house.

A collective sigh of relief will be had.

It’s already happening in our house.

We cut our cable last year when A.C.I. was consumed by Robbers.
I operate two XBMC boxes, use Hulu and Boxee to manage my content.  I admit I’m more savy than most, but all of this has come a long way in the last couple years.

Lifehacker had a recent post where it outlines the setup of an “automated media center” using many of the tools I’ve come to know and love:

I’m in no way advocating piracy, but at the same time I’m not advocating purchasing packaged goods from Hollywood either.

Piracy does what the consumer wants, it shreds out the crap and just leaves the content.

Hollywood and broadcasters need to examine a user experience that equals this.


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