Shat, my dad says


If you haven’t used Twitter to check out or follow “Shit My Dad Says” ( ) you’re doing it wrong.

Nothing is funnier than someone who is chronically this honest. 
Twitter’s format is brief, which is perfect for capturing 70yr old Sam Halpern’s succinct views on just about anything.

There’s no surprise that Harper Collins has partnered for a book deal.  But what got me excited was CBS announcing that they are turning it into a TV show with William Shatner set to star in the pilot:

I greatly enjoyed Shatner’s recent TV outings as Denny Crane in Boston Legal, and more recently as the host of  his own talk show “The Raw Nerve”.  Watch them, he’s absolute gold.

 You may also like to know that Shatner has his own twitter account:

It’s not nearly as funny, but it is equally as honest.
Bill is a Canadian through and through.  It shows in his tweets.


Watts on your mind?

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