Who is Just Energy?


Some guy showed up on the doorstep yesterday from some company called "Just Energy".

After I took his literature and politely told him to take a hike I decided to find out exactly who is "Just Energy" and why they were engaging in a pushy sales pitch going door to door.

As expected there is nothing nice to be found said about them in reviews online, and there are many:

The most interesting one was this:

It turns out that Just Energy use to be known as "Ontario Energy Saving Inc." 

In July of 2009 "Just Energy" acquired the "Universal Energy Corporation" ( http://www.universalenergy.ca/ON/residential.html ).

Universal Energy Corporation, a natural gas and electricity retailer which has been fined by the Ontario Energy Board on several occasions and frequently criticized by its own customers as being a scam.

I guess it is no surprise that National Home Services, the scammers that I commented on in a previous post are a division of Universal Energy.

Universal Energy seems very corrupt and unethical, there are reams of links to dissatisfied consumers like this one : http://www.universalenergycorpscam.blogspot.com/  and some very questionable and downright criminal business practices.

Back in 2003 Ontario Energy Saving Inc. was fined $75,000 for get this: forging signatures on 10 contracts:

Forging contracts….holy crap!  Who does that?

Seeing as that was 7 yrs ago, and the company has done some acquisitions and restructuring one wonders if they have changed their ways.

In January of 2009 Just Energy was forced to pay $127,500 for misrepresentation of services:

What the hell is going on with these sleazy shit-weasels and why aren't their stricter regulations on companies like this.

When looking a little closer I found my answer.

MPP Frank Klees Klees sits on the board of Universal Energy Corporation.

So next time you're harassed at home, or find that a family member has gone and singed up to one of these contracts, or even better that a contract has been made with your forged signature, resolve to drop the service immediately.

As I mentioned in my post regarding National Home Services there is a 10 day period where you can retract any contract.

Then immediately phone your MPP's office and tell Mr. Sleaze to call of his goons.


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