men without brooms


I’m not a big fan of curling, but in between hockey games I got a chance to watch the Canadian team go for the gold during the Olympics.

Let’s just say it’s no hockey.  No fuss is being made about any missing broom from the gold medal game.

I’m sure Olympic curling has a huge fan base but to me curling is less of a sport, and more of an activity.
I mean how can one allow curling as a winter Olympic sport and not Shuffleboard as a summer Olympic sport? 

While I watched grown men sweeping madly in attempts to influence the speed and path of the stone in play I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to politics and the constant spin masters we find ourselves subjected to here in Aurora.

After Council was finished this past Tuesday, councilor Stephen Granger accosted Brock Weir, the new staff writer at The Auroran, about the accuracy of the article in this week’s paper.

It was reported that members of the Farmer’s Market found him “typical self- indulgence of trying to be a leader”.

Isn’t that what 5 people wrote to the very same paper after the Lone Granger wrote some pathetic self congratulatory piece on being a leader?  I commented on it in a previous post here:

In fact I think councilor Granger’s short-lived legacy was very accurately summed up as “late arriving, disorganized, unprepared and demonstrated poor leadership when challenged with effective and direct questions on organization…”

Quite a different picture from the felating from the mayor at the last council meeting when the Rogers TV cameras were rolling.

And if councilor Granger’s heated exchange wasn’t enough, not satisfied being on the sidelines Brian Morris (The Mayor’s Beard) had to step out onto the ice.  He was quoted as referring to the Auroran as a “rag, desperate to bring down this council”.

Okay….. and the Mayora Banner isn’t a rag that is desperate to prop up members of the current council?


These two approach curling with reckless abandon.  I’m sure they would be right at home at a full contact version of the sport:

It’s far more entertaining.  I’ll give it that.

But after all the frantic spinning the stone is far off course.


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