“Come and run against me. Come on down, baby!”


Paula Fletcher, a poor excuse for a Toronto city councilor, recently berated, shouted over and downright harassed a tax payer trying to ask a simple question regarding the passing of the city's budget.. 

You can watch the councilor's veneomus presence here:

Her interjections were a string of questions that led with "would you cut this service?".

I had to agree with John Smith, the citizen at the mic who responded civilly "you're asking me to do your job".

She exploded.  The exchange looked like something out of Aurora council.

Quick to apologize for such an despicable behavior she offered the following empty apology:

"I just better let people know that if my tone put anybody off I have to apologize to them, if they ever felt that I didn't value their contribution. I certainly do value what they have to say when they come down to talk to us,"

Which is absolute bullshit once you have witnessed her performance.

Paula Fletcher is a fighter for Paula Fletcher.  She wants to keep her $100k/yr job and will give taxpayer money to weido fringe groups to keep getting their votes.

Sounds like anyone on Aurora council?

Read the comments posted to the coverage in the press:

Toronto Star

National Post


A member of Mayor Miller’s Executive Committee, Chair of the Parks & Environment Committee Fletcher has been working with the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

Is Evilina Machechron Aurora's Paula Fletcher?

Watts on your mind?

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