Bell is other people


Q: When is unsolicited marketing a harassment?

A: When it's from Bell.

I've posted previously on the bombardment of "special offers" I'm getting from Bell :

Since then I've received 2 more direct mail outs and 3 more phone calls.

After the 1st call I tracked down the office of the douchebag that is in charge of their marketing.  Didn't have to look too hard, he signed his name to the direct mail outs that are flooding my mailbox.

His name is Steve Bickley

His title is "Sr. Vice-President Residential Services"

His phone number is (416)446-3234.

I left a message on his voicemail and had it returned by Anouska Fabian, a member of Bell's "satisfaction team" (what a joke).

In talking with Anouska I laid out my situation and frustrations, she was polite and took the time to understand and take down all the details.

She told me I'm not the only one, which didn't surprise me. 

She took down the details for my phone and mail box and ensured me that within 30 days that all mail outs and phone calls could and would be stopped…… 30 days! 


That was last Thursday.

Monday @ 1:45PM I had a call from a John Mitknan, who I doubt resided in this country.  He read from a script and was reluctant to stop and listen to me.  He was reluctant to give me his last name, and would not pass me to his supervisor.

Tuesday @ 1PM I got a call from an Anne Krupl (1-866-707-8350).  She was very patient, and polite, she listened

to me and ensured me that she would remove my number from her list, but also informed me she was working from an auto dialer.  So one wonders if the number is already set and dialed, how she would even influence any change in

removing the number from the list.

And that is the problem.

At Bell, it's not their problem.

They call you and it's your problem that you're receiving unsolicited calls from them, or it's someone within their organization and they don't know who, or it's a machine and no one knows how to administer the database……

So I called Anouska back yesterday to inform her of what is happening.
I gave her the information regarding the phone calls and here is what she had to say:

1.)  Timeframe – it takes some time for the number to be removed from the database.  less than 30 days but it takes some time.

WTF!  It's a database.  Remove the record.  Done.

This isn't 1970 it's 2010.

If Bell can't handle the data from their internal organization why would I trust them with mine?

2.)  Identity of callers – Anouska said that she couldn't stop calls coming from outside Bell itself, and I understood that, I didn't see it to be a problem but she did, I asked her how.  She explained that several companies call pretending to be from Bell.

What? Why?  What benefit could they have to misrepresent themselves and ask you for business?

She asserted that it was possible that some of the calls I was receiving may not be from Bell.

This after I told her that all the calls I received the caller eventually disclosed themselves as from Bell wanting to extend to me a special offer.  I even gave her the incoming #'s of the agents phoning me.

Otherwise it would have been too easy for her to pass this off as something that is outside Bell's control, and that is bullshit.

Where it becomes laughable is the last line in their mail outs which read:

" P.S. At Bell, we're committed to providing you with the best products, prices and customer service in Canada."

That's some lofty claim.

Let's break that down.

The best products ?  In their entire spectrum (internet, TV, cellular) Rogers and Telus launch products and Bell plays catchup.  They have never offered the best products, just comparable products.

The best prices ? Doubtful.  In some areas like residential phone services their products were 200% above the competition until they realized that they were losing all their customers and cut it back.  Their internet, tv and cellular plans are not the best prices.  they are competitive, but hardly the best.

The best customer service ?  The only one who believes this is Bell.

Ask around, ask anyone about a recent experience they've had with Bell.  Everyone I've talked to has had nothing but frustration from service to billing to marketing.

The customer service environment is a moving target.  The only way to know what is happening is to listen to your customers, listen to your competition, and listen to your employees.  The stories they tell will be filled with information about the future, if you are willing to listen for it.

Bell obviously isn't.

When a customer complains a Bell employee will explain the problem away as an exception based on unusual circumstances.

Excuses spiral upon excuses, while everyone runs around in circles until finally you find yourselves in the 7th circle …of Bell.


Watts on your mind?

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