Egotism : Reduse – Reuse – Recycle


The mayor doesn't seem to be interested in exchanging pleasantries.

This was confirmed for me this morning when I hauled out a trunk load of electronics over to the Magna Center for recycling.

Apparently "Her Worship" decided to do some pre-campaigning this morning and arrived shortly before I did.  In her royal manner she quickly snatched up the literature, puffed up her posture and began approaching the lineup of cars flashing her plastic smile.

About 4 cars went through until she approached mine.  I saw her first and it was interesting to see her face change as she recognized me.  It was an immediate reversal.  She became stoic and cold, almost reluctant to hand me the recycling literature.

I took the paperwork and didn't really look at her.

I think I said "good morning" as I shifted the car back into drive to catch up with the line.

A cold and almost pained "Hello Christopher" was all she could muster.  By then I was already driving forward, I think I said something like "have a nice day" as I pulled away.  Knowing that she has to have the last word I'm almost certain she said something but whatever it was I didn't catch it.

I'm, not on a first name basis with the mayor.  I don't enjoy the same cocktail parties, nor do I share her small clique of campaign socialist friends.  I don't conduct buisness with the town and we still have not been formally introduced so you can probably understand why I am still confused as to why she chooses to address me by name, first name at that.

If she's trying to engage me in conversation or debate she couldn't be doing a worse job.

I may be a captive audience sitting in my idling car, but it still does not neglect the fact that I'm in line for a reason.  It's Saturday morning, I couldn't have any less time to strike up a conversation.  I expect all those in line behind me are in the same situation.  Why hold up a line of cars for this? 

Wouldn't the ideal situation be to ease the traffic through in the most efficient way possible so that all of the materials can be collected in the time allotted, not to mention saving the exhaust of all the cars idling?

Add to this the fact that handing out paper leaflets filled with information made accessible online to people that are already arriving at the location seems to be a complete waste of paper and hardly environmentally friendly.

Sadly the hypocrisy regarding the environment coming from our Mayor and her cohorts continues.

Am I the only one concerned that on the day reserved to observe "Earth Hour" that the glow from Phyllis's sense of self importance could be harming the environment?


One thought on “Egotism : Reduse – Reuse – Recycle

  1. My husband also encountered the plastic smile when he dropped off some electronic recyclables yesterday. However, there was no recognition on the mayor’s part… despite the fact that he canvassed for her in the last election (yes, yes, we were new to town and didn’t know any better!). Use and dispose of, not recycle, is the motto of our mayor…

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