holy shirt fatman!


I can’t decide which is sadder:

The fact that Roger Clowater has a Facebook page with the purpose to “celebrate the companies that have provided shirts to Roger Clowater with their company logo and information on them.”

or the fact that he only has received a total of 3 shirts.

You can visit the page here and decide for yourself: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148941661552&ref=search&sid=587991783.687650366..1

There are instructions on his page with his address so you can send him a shirt and he will wear it…oh the possibilities.

The more I see of Roger, from his approach to setting up a booth, erecting signs 6 months prior to an election, using YouTube and now Facebook I can’t help but wonder : is Roger Clowater for real?

Is he really running for Mayor of Aurora?

He’s way out of his league.

Everything points to someone desperately seeking recognition, or approval.

Aurora already elected an egotistical, self-absorbed narcissist the last election and we all know how that panned out, let’s be sure not repeat this mistake.


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