East Gwillimbury held their "Annual Town wide cleanup"

Holland River is holding a "Community Cleanup"

and Newmarket is holding a "Whipper Billy Watson Park cleanup"

While here in Aurora we held the "Mayor's anti-litter day" because god forbid any event in the town be done without referencing the almighty Mayor.

How many events are held manually that start with "the Mayor's …." ?

I've lost track

Phyllis reminds me more and more of Springfield's Mayor Quimby.

There's one Simpsons' episode where the town is engaged in "Whacking Day" ( ) where the town is set free to kill/mame snakes as part of a ritual.

Mayor Quimby who never does any heavy lifting asks the question to his lackeys "Did you bring the pre-whacked snakes?".

I wonder if Mayor Morris had "pre-strewn" litter for her to pick up especially considering that there was a large window of time where the Mayor wasn't even participating in her own cleanup. 

Instead she was hobnobbing over at the Seniors Center while they held their sale in combination with a micro Farmer's Market. 

Pre-campaigning is in full swing, and I guess Her Worship couldn't resist injecting politics back into the Farmers market, even before it officially opens May 8th.

So, the Mayor gets an anti litter day named after her and she shows up for a couple minutes to pick up some pieces of trash for the cameras? 

How lame.

Especially after the debacle she made regarding not wanting to participate in the "1st Annual Student Tree Planting" in co-operation with Neighbourhood Network, the Town of Newmarket and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority because it landed on the same day.

Talk about hipocracy at its finest.

The Student Tree Planting event ( ) is geared toward high school students, with schools taking environmental ‘ownership’ of their own neighborhood. Planting a future…students for the environment.

It's an initiative that actually locates volunteers, provides them with trees for planting, for helping the environment.

Without being considered by council they were actually turned away by Mayor Morris and Councilor MacHeckron.

An act so cold and so petty, one wonders if a tree is planted in Aurora, will it make a sound?

Well, you're damn right it will.

I understand that this event took place irregardless of the stupidity and condescending attitudes of Morris & MacHeckron, and that trees were planted in Aurora this weekend.

Trees that will grow,
Trees that will provide,
Trees planted for future generations to enjoy,
Trees of wood, not metal with no real artistic meaning,
Trees planted with no photo-op.
Trees planted with pride, with spirit, with integrity

Something that Aurora is in short supply of and is foolish to turn away.


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