“govern yourself accordingly”


Apparently the "Director of Legal Services" better known as the "Town Solicitor" Mr. Cooper decided to file a letter in legal-speak objecting to comments made on the Aurora Citizen Blog.

You can follow the trail of stupidity here: http://auroracitizen.ca/2010/04/25/town-solicitor-demands-removal-of-blog-comments/

The funniest part is the instruction in closing that reads “govern yourself accordingly”.

I guess the irony in this statement is lost on the majority that sit at the council table.

I have a hard time believing Mr. Cooper decided to act on this without the input of the Mayor.

Obviously Mr. Cooper, a man employed in legal services, either neglected to read, or ignored  the legal-speak in the Aurora Citizen disclaimer which reads:

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AURORA CITIZEN. The AURORA CITIZEN is not responsible for the content or views expressed on external sites. Distribution, transmission or republication of any material is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of the AURORA CITIZEN.

This blog does not and will not investigate allegations to determine if they are based on fact. This is simply a communications channel to facilitate community dialogue. It is not an investigative facility — we leave that to the news media.

It is interesting to know that Mr. Cooper does read the Aurora Citizen, and should remove any doubt that blogs like the Aurora Citizen or Evelyn Buck's blog get read, both by the town and its citizens, and in impressive numbers.

I'm not surprised that now seated behind a large town paid legal force the mayor is deciding to pull strings to both exert spin and silence free speech on blogs which she claimed not to read.

What a clown.

Not a funny clown, but a sad one.

A clown just the same.


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