woe is she


Sher St. Kitts has proven to be nothing more than a disingenuous self-serving melodramatic extremist.

The fact that she got called on it recently at the Aurora Home show is no real surprise.  Read about it in this week’s Auroran here:

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Do I condone Bren Marsh’s confrontational approach or actions?  Most definitely not. 

It is a shame that someone chose to lash out and act in this way.  It is an act of bullying and I thought Aurorans were better than this.  Mr. Marsh has shown complete lack of character.

But calling the cops?


Sher needs to rethink her statements : “I didn’t create this” and “I didn’t ask for this” because in a lot of ways she has.

Running around town forcing herself upon everyone in an overt and flamboyant manner, compounded with her unwillingness to come clean on her accounting for funds raised and her tirade towards one of Aurora’s councilors, anyone with half a brain could expect backlash to be inevitable.

No one that I have spoken to in town has had anything nice to say in regards to Ms St. Kitts and how she conducts herself.

If she believes otherwise than she is living in her own little bubble, which looks like it is bursting in on her.

As for “verbal diarhoea” it seems that Ms St. Kitts got exactly what she dished out, as she has been circulating some profane, condescending and downright childlike emails to members of the Aurora Farmers Market Committee.

We can only hope that St. Kitts Music vast array of musicians includes one that can play the worlds smallest violin to serenade her through this recent ordeal.



One thought on “woe is she

  1. I truly enjoyed her comments on Page 17 regarding the Farmers Market.

    “I just stepped away from [the Market] because they’re ready to become self-sufficient and self-serving,”

    self-serving……she would be the expert on that topic…..

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