Common sense of humor


Anyone who reads Scott Johnston’s pieces in the Auroran understands satire, in part because he is a master.

Obviously Mr. Ballantyne (the Manager Corporate Communications for the Town of Aurora) does not.

Read his whiny entry in this week’s Auroran here:

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I seriously doubt that ANYONE was confused and took Scott Johnston’s column as a “first-hand account.” I also strongly doubt that the town of Aurora fielded a single call regarding any misconception regarding Mr. Johnston’s piece.

Do you really think the town was ablaze with phone calls when Mr. Johnston wrote pieces about the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus?


More likely this entry is nothing more than an opportunity for Mr. Ballantyre to blather on “for the record” and allow him to felate our mayor, the “professional” town staff about everything amazing about the Town of Aurora, as per his job requirements.

Given that the Town of Aurora is spending over $4k without blinking an eye to run full color ads in the Mayora Banner, I would expect that maybe there is an other venue for this P.R. bullshit than writing letters to the Auroran.

Where I take offense is Mr. Ballantyne’s critique of Mr. Johnston’s excellent satirical wit and creative execution.

Mr Johnston’s writing is top notch.  It is satire at is finest.

By comparison Mr. Ballantyne’s attempt at humor in the closing of his piece feels so forced it self destructs.  This is not uncommon coming from someone who works in P.R.

He is no Scott Johnston.

Of course recognizing and understanding satire requires a sense of humor, which is obviously hard to foster while working at Town hall.

So Mr. Ballantyne, when, not if, you read this, I suggest you take some time to branch out and visit sites like The onion ( and some Canadian equivalents The Touqe ( & The Hammer ( )

When you are done, go back and read all of Mr. Johnston’s entries in the Auroran (they’re available online back to 2002) so that you understand true satire before you comment on it, or even try it yourself.

And if Mr. Johnston is reading this, don’t change anything.  You are the single reason I open the Auroran week after week, and I know I’m not alone.



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