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The "Farmer's Market Fiasco" that was in full force at the beginning of this year seems to have settled and it looks like the direction of independence from the town that the Farmers Market has fought for, not given as implied by councilor Granger's constitution, seems to be the right direction indeed.

In fact all of the praises over Councilor Granger's all mighty constitution from the mayor was for naught.  The constitution was never adopted.

We can see how far off the mark Councilor Granger was about the market when we refer back to the announcement of last year's market opening:

In it it says:

With any luck, all of the goings on at the market will also attract more shoppers to downtown Aurora, he said.

"Wouldn't it be a great thing if that happened?" Mr. Granger said. "Now, talk about a downtown revitalization …"

Nothing materialized from this pipe dream.

This year's announcement in the Mayora Banner quoted the Farmers Market chair André Flys and it seemed to be a lot more down to earth.

Perhaps the spirit of Willie Nelson helped guide the prevailing minds on the Executive committee as he once said "As long as there's a few farmers out there, we'll keep fighting for them."  and it looks like that's exactly what they did.

Both the mini Farmers' market at the Seniors Center and the soft open this weekend, even with the wind and rain, show a much more friendly, functional and farmer focused market than we have seen in the last couple years when they were tethered to the town through the "appointed" liaison : councillor Granger.

The "Artisan Fair" component has been moved into the park allowing a straight path through the market with more space between booths which is important and lacking in previous years.

Gone are the overtly politically fused and awkward "special" events, along with the plastic wrapped vegetables that concocted them: Sher St. Kitts and Councilor Granger.

Fresh produce, especially asparagus was in great supply, we had some from Brooks Farms and although the stocks look thick and you may expect it to be touch and woody it was just amazing.  As great as I remember it last year.

As was the cup of Green River Coffee, much needed as the wind and rain picked up.

I look forward to the official opening next week to see the greater complement of vendors including Toscanna, Kevin Finch's smokehouse, that pretzel lady (whoever you are).

New faces have joined old as the vendors have grown to 36, up from 27 as councillor Buck reported over on her blog.

I may even inquire as to opportunities to volunteer.


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