Solitude is Independence


I wholeheartedly agree with Hermann Hesse on this, and apparently so does the Aurora Farmers' Market executive who recently approached council and nicely, but effectively, told them to shove it.

"It" being the overbearing "appointed" liaison position, the pathetically cobbled together "constitution", the loud and self-serving self-promoting money-seeking volunteer and the $11,800 allotted in the 2010 budget, including the $7,600 that was added to provide the position of market manager.

Congratulations on your independence, it was not easily handed to you, as made out in the press.

For anyone to say that the the town greatly assisted the market towards independence over this last term is a joke.

The Market had to fight an unnecessary liaison, constitution and the concept of a market manager enforced by councilor Granger and the Mormac regime as a position to be held by none other than Sher St. Kitts.

Sean Pearce decided to take the opportunity to fellate the towns contribution to the Aurora Farmers Market no less than 4 times in his most recent piece here:–aurora-market-going-it-alone

Not once did he, or anyone on council, with the exception of councilor Buck, acknowledge how far the Market had come due to effort by the vendors and their general committee.

We only need to revisit the council meeting of Feb 23rd to see all the self congratulatory propaganda and spin the Mayor, Councilors Gaertner and Granger engaged in:

Grager almost laughably acknowledges the Farmers Market that he joined 3.5 years ago.He is quick to point out the Market over on Temperance St. only consisted of 8 vendors, dismissing it with a laugh and condescending smile as though it was insignificant.

@ 3:52:18

Granger says "we've grown to the level of 42 farmers"

Which of course is an outright lie.

There isn't a total of 42 vendors, let alone 42 farmers.

What an idiot.

The break down of the vendors shows 6 farmers, the rest are a mix of artisans, food vendors, historians and misc.

The market definitely needs more Farmers, a dairy farmer would be an excellent addition.

@ 3:52:55

Granger is trying to indicate what he sees as the path the Market will take as he resigns his liaison post, he says they should "consider the position of hiring a Marketing Manager"


Was the position "Market Manager" or "Marketing Manager" ?

Does Councilor Granger even have a remote clue as to what he is droning on about?

@ 3:53:42

The mayor chimes in "We should thank you, when we took office all that we had was 2 signs given to us.  A couple of signs and no rolodesk of people to call, having to start from scratch."

How insulting is that to the Market, the founding members and al of the volunteer efforts that it took to get the market to that point.

What did the Mayor expect exactly, a turn key operation?

And who exactly uses a rolodesk anymore?

Our Mayor either needs to get some new metaphors or perhaps one of them new fangled computers.

@ 3:54:08

She continues, "I hear nothing but compliments on how the market has blossomed and that is in no small part to your efforts"

Yes because if Stephen Granger was not involved I'm sure the market wouldn't have been at all successful.

What a crock of shit, especially @ 3:54:27 when she says "the fact that I saw the effort you made bringing a constitution forward and that's now in their hands….you've left your mark on it"

Obviously the effort was not proportional with the result.  

The constitution was a dud, and thus not accepted.

The only mark that Councilor Granger left on the Market is a shit stain, one that will take some effort to clean up.

@ 3:54:44

The Mayor says "It's (the market) a huge economic development for us"

That may have indeed been true when it brought business into the downtown core, but thanks to moving it to town park that economic development has only been reduced.

Isn't it interesting that the Mayor says this in Feb, and then when it becomes apparent that things are going the way that they intended that the town ceased to advertise the Market as they had in previous years.

One would think that if the Market was a "huge" economic development for the town that they may wish to promote it.

It was also quoted in Sean Pearce's piece that Mayor Phyllis Morris asked what else the market required, which of course is a rhetorical question.

The answer is of course solitude.

Which hopefully is now the case and we have seen the retreat of politics, the Mare (read Mayor) and her mutts from the market.

Lets hope that come the election we all show the integrity and courage that the Farmers Market Executive has shown and get rid of these political lightweights from our council.


2 thoughts on “Solitude is Independence

  1. Thank you for this blog. I will not mud sling but I will give the facts. When I left the market there were actually 17 vendors including seven farmers selling everything from vegetables, fruit, organic vegetables plus other produce.There was a friendship among the vendors and they all helped make the market a good place to visit each Saturday morning. I did not have a market manager but rather I did most of the chores to get the market opened and closed each Saturday. We collected food for the pantry and also tried to help other charities.
    At year end we always had a vendors get together at Gabriels.
    Most of those vendors continued when the market moved.
    The market was started as I wanted to help the downtown retailers get extra business and to have a meeting place for residents Saturday mornings.
    I do appreciate that Grainger kept it going as the last thing that I would have wanted was it to end.
    Also, to the mayor, there was actually 6 signs left but who is counting.

  2. Perhaps they should charge the Mayor for a vendors permit and insurance. When I walked by she was camped out on the corner in her lawn chair sitting with a chocolate lab.

    I guess the pre-election face time has begun.

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