Procrastination never looked so good


America's 26th President Theodore Roosevelt once said  “A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues.”

It looks like this sentiment is not just reserved for American politics, it seems to me that this sums up politics in Aurora perfectly.

It was business as usual at Tuesday's council meeting with all the commotion coming from the Mayor, Evilina and Gaertner to defer! defer! defer!

God forbid anyone makes a decision, or takes any action on this council while our town atrophies and dies.

The main issue on the agenda of May 25th's meeting was regarding an application to approve a 6-7 story building on the abandoned property at Yonge & Center street.

You can watch the meeting on Robbers here:

3 business owners approached council in open forum after reading about the item in the Mayora Banner.

You can read all about it in Sean Pearce's journalistic masterpiece here:–aurora-project-baffles-development-chairperson

Chris Ballard, EDAC chairperson and downtown steering committee member is apparently "baffled".

Mr. Ballard must be baffled about a lot of things because the EDAC, and what it has accomplished this term is a joke.

What is such a mystery?

A property owner wants to develop a property to replace the existing one that lays vacant.

The property is an eyesore and has low property assessment.

It is not contributing to the tax base and above all else would contribute to the ECONOMIC redevelopment of the downtown core.

We don't need a consultancy study, we have an opportunity to actually approve a building.

Why is there any hesitation on this?

Mr. Ballard is the same moron that claimed "It's great to see new restaurants and stores giving our town their vote of confidence by opening in the historic downtown core."

You can read the rest of his inane comments and useless propaganda here:

I already commented on it in a previous post here:

He must not visit the downtown core often.

So, back to council,

@ 46:40 Evilina starts with a lot of blah blah blah blah.

She places a motion for yet another deferral, because she wants this particular application to wait for the almighty "Aurora Promenade" consultant study which won't be ready for 5 months!

Then she goes on about the necessity of compliance with town policies (which she recently neglected when voting on accepting Deborah Campo's art piece prior to an Art policy but whatever, Evilina's not exactly known for consistency) and tries to paint the picture that approving this application circumvents process when in fact it does not.

I think somewhere in her rambling she makes the comment that approving this application would be essentially "shooting ourselves in the foot".

How absurd.

More like shooting ourselves in the foot after council has already starved and buried the economic viability of this town through its inaction.

Councilor Gallo even inquired "what is the rush to push this along?"

What an idiot.

This property has had several applications, some even approved in principal.

Fellow business owners are crying out that something needs to be done, and these asshats would rather sit around in meetings and bicker about 6 stories or 7 (not 9 or 10 as the Mayor eluded to) and how removing a floor doesn't equal reducing the overall height….blah, blah, blah.

Councilor Gaertner@ 1:12:53 says "I would love to approve the application"  but due to staggering ignorance she doesn't.  Instead she blathers on about ensuring a process in place, that a committee is formed….blah blah blah

She believes that council has taken on the challenge and taken it seriously.

That is a laugh.

Taking something seriously means swift response, it calls for actions and there would be results to show for this action.

There are none.

Councilor Buck makes an interesting point about why the town seems to be deliberately holding what are no doubt commercially viable properties on Yonge street to residential zoning.

No one on council decided to address this point.

As always the mayor always has to include her banal and inept comments in an attempt to co-opt all of the discussion and tell it like it should be.  After all, the town record is her record isn't it?

She even claims "we listened"

She most certainly has not.

Michael Evan's of True Value Hardware even approached council in open forum, you clearly didn't listen to him, or 2 other business owners who also approached council with the same concerns.

Everyone is asking for ACTION, something to happen in the short term, not 5 months from now, not waiting for some pompous consultancy study.

At the April 27th council meeting the mayor said

"The public has lost their patience with that corner.  Their pride in their community is diminished because of that corner.  Whatever is at our disposal whether it be property standards, clean yards, safety,  I'm appealing as their elected representative : please do something about that corner!"

She said "whatever is at our disposal"

What could have been a better opportunity than this?

She said "DO something"

Yet she vote's no to do anything.

The public has lost patience with the members of this council that continue to slam the brakes on initiatives with true economic gain for this town.

It's a form of sabotage that is costing this town money, and a downtown core.

Interestingly enough councilors Granger and Wilson dropped out of the Gang of 6 and voted against Evilina's motion.

Once our deputy mayor Bob McRoberts placed a new motion on the floor councilor Gallo even voted for it.

Only Evilina, councilor Gaertner and the mayor remained "wholy political" as an obstacle to this application and to progress as a whole.

It will be remembered as part of their legacy come election day.

I doubt there will be any procrastination in voting these asshats out of office.


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