off the leash


Malcolm Lowry once said that "Muzzle a dog and he will bark out of the other end."

Which is exactly what happened at the Farmers Market last week.

Perhaps someone should have notified our Mayor that there wasn't a Mutt show because for some reason (which couldn't possibly be pre-campaigning could it?) she occupied the corner of Wells St. entering the park sitting on a chair with her dog.

Seems like she is reluctant to leave politics out of the market even after the exit of her two top sycophants: Granger & Sher St. Kitts.

I guess without Sher St. Kitts booth (which one had to wonder why it was even there, what actually did Sher sell exactly?) the Mayor has lost a place to linger.

Perhaps if she wants to be so obvious about this kind of activity she should apply for and submit permit fees for a booth.

I guess it is no surprise that she found refuge with fellow mixed-breed "Jam" Freedman who seems to be preserving the role of Sher St. Kitts all to well.

Let's all hope that this Saturday the mayor keeps her fleabag at home,

oh, and her dog too.


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