Shaping Aurora’s Heritage


At Council on May 11th Councilor Wilson tried, and of course failed, to tactfully and politely point out that entering Aurora off the 404 Highway through what has been called the “Gateway to Aurora” that everything (read big box stores and temporary signs) looks “nice” except for some properties on the south side of Wellington @ # 1700 Wellington owned by Smart Center.

You can watch the council meeting via Robbers here ( ) starting @ 2:09:56

While I was out looking at the deplorable state that the Town’s signage is in I decided to go and look at what all Wilson’s fuss was about.  It wasn’t easy to stop the car and grab some pictures of the buildings in questions but here’s what I was able to capture:



Luckily Google also captures our town and here are some of the pics via Google Street View:


The buildings are remarkable.  They show excellent design and craftsmanship, but alas councilor Wilson finds the buildings “deplorable” and asked council what measures could be taken to contact the owners and ask them to “clean it up”, whatever that means.

One wonders how councilor Wilson’s hovel compares to these wonderful old houses.

@ 2:26:15 the mayor produces a photo of an old barn and had the following to say:

“Preserve Aurora, means sometimes you preserve in photography and art as well as trying to save buildings and that’s why we’ve won awards for preserving our heritage buildings.”


This council was seriously considering budgeting upwards of $400,000 to salvage the feces filled clapboard shitshack that was once the Petch house. 

Please tell me how a photo would not have sufficed in this particular instance?

And when there are historic buildings sitting on a development site not only is there no cry to save them, the audacity of some of these councilors is to ask how quickly they can be “cleaned up” (read demolished).

If this is the underlying mentality of the asshats that get their picture taken with heritage awards, our town should not receive any more.

@ 2:24:25 councilor Buck responds to say that she would “rather view the old houses for as long as possible knowing that they will be inevitably replaced by Smart Center.”

She continued to say “They don’t offend me, they just remind me of how things were.”

I believe this to be the general consensus of all residents.

Who in their right mind could possibly be offended by such rich heritage?

It was Winston Churchill who once said that “We shape our buildings, thereafter our buildings shape us”.

Anyone wanting to capture Aurora’s rich history better do get out there with their camera’s and snap a photo fast, because with it being so hastily abandoned by this council Aurora is shaping up to become a cold and ugly concrete slab.



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