Chris “Baffled” Ballard


Apparently you don’t need to be elected to run the town of Aurora’s business.

The logic escapes me, but it’s true.

First it was the non elected John Gallo that took a council seat.

No need for election, after all true democracy costs money and there’s so many  other things to waste tax payer’s money on that this.

Now we’re finding out that perhaps he is not the exception to the rule.

Chris Ballard, the halfwit who “chairs” the EDAC committee, that’s right he chairs the Economic Development committee, is not elected.

Mr. Ballard is just some hack consultant, who surprise, surprise is a friend of our mayor who ended up with the job.


Outside being a principle of a mediocre communications company ( ) what exactly are Mr. Ballard’s credentials? and why exactly does anyone believe his is capable of charing such a comittee?

EDAC has to be the most ineffective and backwards run committee of this current council and Mr. Ballard has a lot to answer for.

I have included the list of their pending items from 2009 to show how off track these guys are:

edac-pending list_001.pdf
Download this file

EDAC1 – 2005“staff to investigate the feasibility “Farmers Market” wall mural and restoration of Coca-Cola advertisement at no cost to the town”

anything done ?  nope nada

What’s the date, 2010 great work!

EDAC 22 – 2007“Town of Aurora’s Business Ambassadors Program”

The what now?

Of course we may never know because the listed “action” is “defer”.

Big surprise there.

EDAC 41 – 2008“That adequate resources be found to make the Economic Development website more accessible, more user friendly and generate more interest…”

Well we all know how that turned out.

I made a previous post regarding the abomination that is this website here:

EDAC 46 – 2008 – “Chris Ballard distributed questionnaire to each member and requested it be completed”

Questionnaires?  Really?

Wow, genius.

Okay this has to be my favorite : EDAC 44 – 2008 –

“Chris Ballard advised that EDAC has reviewed and discussed its priorities several times, however, formal consideration has not been addressed.  Mr. Ballard suggested that EDAC address the committee’s priorities formally at the next meeting”


These guys actually hold meetings to acknowledge what they need to do is hold meetings to acknowledge what they need to do.

Holy shit! 

Anyone wonder where our town’s money is going should look no further than this committee.

It also looks like Mr. Ballard may be in part involved with the utter mismanagement of the Aurora Farmer’s Market over this last term of council.

Given that the Farmers Market is set to officially open this weekend I thought it would be interesting to include a town communication regarding the official opening of the Farmers market last year:

Photo Opp Farmer’s Market.pdf
Download this file

Interesting how it is titled “Photo Opportunity”, not “Comunity event”, not “Business Opportunity” , nope “Photo Opportunity”

So who does this benefit exactly?

Under “WHO” is listed none other than :

Mayor of Aurora, Phyllis Morris
Councillor Stephen Granger
Chris Ballard, Chair, Economic Development Advisory Committee

Then we read the absurd statement :

“Farmers’ Market stimulates activity in the downtown core”

How does removing the Farmers Market from the downtown core and locating it in town park stimulate activity in the core?

Does EDAC actually want the downtown core to die?  sure seams that way.

Then we get to the “WHAT”:

Mayor Phyllis Morris, Councillor Stephen Granger and Chris Ballard, Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee will be at the Aurora Farmers’ Market on Saturday, May 16th promoting the Market’s new dynamic look and feeland the variety of unique vendors.

Exactly what was “dynamic” about the look and feel of the market last year?

As for “promoting the Market” what a joke. I already commented on how ineffective the marketing efforts were for last year’s market in this post:

And lastly the “WHY”:

The Farmers’ Market is one of the most popular and enjoyable events in Aurora featuring fresh home grown produce, Artisan products, music, exciting entertainment and much more!

If the Farmers Market is indeed “one of the most popular and enjoyable events” why did Mr. Ballard and the rest of EDAC along with the Mayor and Granger move it from its old location?  Why did the bungle an opportunity to grow the vendors and focus on the market instead of diluting the market for the purpose of holding tacky events including karaoke?

Why is Mr. Ballard baffled about the desire for the community to approve an application to revitalize the downtown core?

Logic may escape Mr. Ballard but it hasn’t escaped the citizens of Aurora.

Aurora is not satisfied to sit back and have their business deferred, to pour over consultancy study after study when a clear opportunity has presented itself.

Mr. Ballard needs to step down from his post and let someone with true vision, leadership skills and business acumen be ELECTED to do the job that he has so horibly bungled.



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