get over the top


It has been my experience that both the youth (which I include Gen Xers such as myself) and the seniors in Aurora are more progressive and certainly less anal then their middle aged counterparts.

That being said there are some folks over at the Aurora Citizen blog who happen to visit my blog (and even claim to enjoy it) have described some of my posts as "Over the top"

What's with you people? 

Have you followed this term of Aurora council?  Have you witnessed the antics of MorMac, the entire Gang-of-six, their posturing, their pettiness, their endless manipulation and spin? 

After all the abuse of power to an excessive degree; beyond reasonable or acceptable limits, you call my blog posts over the top?

One respondent asked. "Who are these fuddy duddies?"

I too would like to know, because it seems that everywhere you turn in town it seems like you will encounter an Aurora Fuddy Duddy.

A Fuddy Duddy is described in the dictionary as:

A bland, old-fashioned, usually middle-aged person who poses no threat and avoids excitement or risk; a stick-in-the-mud old fogey or, as a fuddy-duddy himself might put it: a milksop, a milquetoast.

Most likely accompanied by a picture of Geoffrey Dawe or our Mayor.

Fuddy Duddies have come from far and wide to plant their sticks in the Aurora mud with their hyper conservative values, constrictive and soul sucking anal retentive control issues have effectively sucked the fun out of our town.

Or if it hasn't been sucked out it has been deferred, and deferred and deferred, just the way Evilina enjoys it.

God forbid anyone should try and make them smile, they may lose their composure and even remember what it was to have a glimmer of fun.

Perhaps those of you Baby Boomers would stopped being offended by the smallest thing if you looked over at the calender to remind yourself you're living in 2010.

Once you update what you consider to be your "reasonable" and "acceptable" limits I welcome you to return and re-read some of my posts.

Either that or go back to enjoying your mainstay for current events : the Mayora Banner.


2 thoughts on “get over the top

  1. I tend to believe that “fuddy duddiness” is a state of mind and not necessarily related to age. You either are a fuddy duddy or you’re not; doesn’t matter how old you are. I am a boomer and certainly would not describe myself as a fuddy duddy.

  2. resident-at-large,

    In all fairness I completely agree with you, it is indeed a state of mind.

    I guess I have just noticed that in Aurora it is more prevalent with boomers than youth or seniors and hence my generalization.

    My blog seems to be well received with the growing demographic of both youth and seniors which are both being allarmingly disenfranchised by the current council.

    Many of which do not believe my posts are “over the top” some say they don’t go far enough.

    There’s no pleasing everyone, and I’m not trying to.

    I know that the majority of Auroran’s have their heads screwed on right, and that they outnumber the fuddy duddies, lets just home they are the ones that show up at the polls come October.

    I don’t want to live in Fuddy Duddy-ville anymore.

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