is this thing on?


Brad Snell, a candidate for Newmarket councilor, wrote into the Mayora Banner over the weekend with his dissatisfaction towards the Newmarket’s Farmers market.

Mr. Snell put his opinion up to his blog, in the event you missed reading it in the Mayora Banner you can read it here:

He whines about problems with parking, and then that washrooms available in the town offices adds to the “financial burden of the market”.  

The remainder of his complaints are mostly to do with the new location of the Newmarket Farmers Market which I understand is a “temporary” location.

I agree with Mr. Snell about accessibility issues, and removing the market from its previous location and that pedestrian traffic was essential to the merchants of the area.

This was the exact issue we encountered here in Aurora when the market moved from it’s Temperence St. location over to town park.

Then Mr. Snell decides to draw an incorrect comparison between the Aurora and Newmarket Farmers Markets:

“Having visited the Aurora Farmers Market I was amazed at the difference in staging the event, which is supposed to be for the merchants and the people.  The Aurora Farmers Market in recent years, featured musical acts in the band shell, events for the families and children, and always a member of council whether it be the mayor, or councilors visible for your questions or comments.”

I guess it isn’t a surprise that a councilor would be embracing politics at a Farmers market, regardless he is laughing if he believes the community also values the influx of politicians at their market.  It clearly doesn’t.

Yes Mr. Snell the Aurora Farmers Market is indeed “supposed to be for the merchants and the people”, but it certainly hasn’t enjoyed that purpose over the last 3 years because there is “always the mayor and a member of council visible”.

In fact this last week both the Mayor was out in full force shaking hands while councilor Granger , who already showed off his dancing moves at last years excuse for a Thriller Dance, decided he’d try his chops at some karaoke.

Approaching the stage looking like Susan Boyle with a Justin Berber haircut he joined the band and belted out some horribly off-tone sounds.

I had to flee with my daughter to the splash pad to escape the wretched sound.

The times that have visited the Newmarket Farmers Market I have found it very enjoyable and that is the secret to its success.

If anything the Aurora Farmers Market needs to pay attention to their marketing, event coordination and impressive vendor list, not the other way round.

It’s very interesting that Mr. Snell comments regarding the Aurora Farmers Market focuses on “musical acts in the band shell, events for the families and children” when the Newmarket Farmers’ Market has always held events for families and children including live music, hay rides and even a Christmas Market.

All of these details are listed on their website:

And Facebook page:

If Mr. Snell bothered to pay attention before he went on his tirade he would have found that they even run a Farmers market at Southlake Hospital on Wednesdays from 11Am – 3PM.

What a fantastic opportunity for people to top up their shopping mid week, this would rectify Mr. Snall’s accessibility concerns.

Back in 2006 Mr. Snell lost to Chris Emanuel.  I guess Mr. Snell realizes he doesn’t stand a chance against the very effective and well respected Mr. Emanuel and why he has chosen to run for ward 5 against Joe Sponga. 

3 thoughts on “is this thing on?

  1. Kudos to Gary Johnson, Vice President of the Newmarket Main Street Farmers Market for replying to Mr. Snell’s inane comments in this Thursday’s edition of the Mayora Banner.

    I couldn’t agree more with all of his points.

    Mr. Snell is obviously an ass-hat that either enjoys whining to hear his own voice and/or co-opting a non-issue for political gain.

    As much as he claims to dislike the Market I bet it doesn’t stop him from flocking to the market come Septemeber and October to shake hands though.

    I sure hope the people in his ward recognize what a dunder-head Mr. Snell is.

    I know that after this, If I were in Newmarket I would certainly be not interested in reading any more of his “green party” infused ramblings on his website or learning about his campaign.

  2. Last time i looked into the Charter of Freedom and Rights Of Canada we have a right to express our opinions without slander or prejudiced against people with those different opinions or comments. Seems i did run first of all in 2006 against Mr. Emanuel and learned a lot about municipal politics out of my ward. This time i have decided to run against Mr. Sponga which i know is always an uphill battle against an incumbent but willing to take up the challenges to questionable decisions by Mr. Sponga. My opinion about the market was my opinion alone and hopefully will lead to improvements in areas i feel will best help seniors and the residents, To use the expression dunderhead is a little outdated but that’s your expression of someone not knowledgeable about certain issues, but slowly im understanding that if you have an opinion about something you are automatically labeled as something.
    Maybe you should consider of running in a ward that best represents your interests and concerns and leave it up to the residents to see it your way.

  3. Brad (someone not knowledgeable about certain issues) Snell,

    I visited the Newmarket market as mentioned this Saturday in my previous post and have to refute all of the supposed problems, which of course are your opinion that you are more than free to express.

    Which of course I am also free to point out how wrong you are.

    The Newmarket Market is well set up and they have done a fantastic job of securing a temporary location and making it accessible and enjoyable. Add to that the Wednesday market @ SouthLake and it is safe to say you opinion is obviously “of someone not knowledgeable about certain issues”

    For someone who doesn’t do their homework I wouldn’t expect that you would want to draw so much attention to this fact leading up to the election hence the “dunderhead” comment which was to do with your unwillingness to contact anyone from the market and find out the issues before you shat all over them, as Gary Johnson so effectively pointed out rebutting your letter.

    If you were serious about wanting to “lead to improvements in areas i feel will best help seniors and the residents” one wonders why you wouldn’t have tried to vet these with Mr. Johnson or other members of Market directly before expressing your opinion in the paper.

    If you feel “dunderhead” is outdated don’t forget I also called you an “ass-hat” which is more current in vernacular, so if you feel this is more fitting, that is fine, wear it proud.

    As for running in a ward, I can’t. I’m in Aurora not Newmarket and we do not have wards we run an at-large system, but then again this is just another example of you mouthing off before bothering to learn all the facts.

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