A market without a politician


I visited the Newmarket Farmers Market today for a change of scenery and am glad I did.

After all the crap that Mr. Snell decided to write about it in this weeks Mayora Banner I was expecting some half assed market with only a handful of vendors.

This was definitely not the case.

The number and selection of vendors rivaled last year's market.

It was great to see that vendors from the Aurora Market also have stalls at the Newmarket market and run them simultaneously.  Coopers Farms, Brooks Farms, Howard Farms and Nicole's cookies were all familiar.

The layout was well thought out with enough room to walk around.

Parking proved to be adequate and easy to access.

Although we didn't need to use them access to washrooms is a great idea.

I have to say they did a fantastic job of selecting a temporary location and making it work.

But the most welcome thing of all was the absence of plastic politicians clamoring to control the market and get up in everyone's grill.

No Phyllis. no Sher, no Granger and no Jam Feedman.

I heard that it was politics as usual at the Aurora Farmers Market today, makes me wonder if it's even worth going back.

It's worth the drive to Newmarket.


One thought on “A market without a politician

  1. yes i think we all get the point by now Time to flip the record and play the other side and im sure we will have a lot to talk about this upcoming elections in Aurora and Newmarket

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