do you want the good news or the bad news?


"It's like living in the mind of a depressed hippie" is how Adam Curtis sums up the current state of TV news and I couldn't agree more.

He has a great 6 minute piece called "Oh Dearism" that is a must watch here:

I especially love Adam's sense of presentation.  The little skit at the beginning that serves as a disclaimer differentiating news from opinion is both hilarious and bang on.

While the news itself has been changing, for the worse, the ways in which we consume it have also been changing, and I would argue for the better.

The very idea of "broad" casting has gone from almost the foremost way of  disseminating and consuming news to a 3rd or 4th choice is a spectrum of new media alternatives.

News is consumed quickly and more effectively through narrow-casting and social media channels.

How news is changing differs greatly between global and local content.

Globally we have seen how news has walked away from TV and traditional newspapers to show up online and on personal devices.

While locally traditional outfits are faring quite well, but these too will sucumb to the new channels an mechanisms adopted by producers and consumers of global content.

Here are two great articles that examine "The future of Local Broadcasting" :

I can't wait.


Watts on your mind?

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