a lunatic is simply a minority of one


George Orwell was a good judge of madness, one only needs to read a handful of pages from any one of his books.  I have to agree with his assessment that:  “Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one.”

Over the past 3 years we have all seen, in an open and transparent manner, how the MorMac twins thrive on securing votes from special interest groups (SIGs) by pandering to the few at great cost and sometimes great inconvenience to the greater good of the community.

It’s almost like they have lifted their modus operandi from this MIT book:


Special Interest Politics

You can read it online through Google Books:

The Mayor must be deluded to the point of believing that her chains of office have magical powers and her purpose is to grant magic wishes even if it means ignoring democracy and the greater good of the community as a whole.

Need to have the lights in a nearby parking lot hooked up to town power and it’s not a town issue?

No problem, call the mayor.

Don’t want light poles from a baseball field in your backyard which you won’t even see because there are already trees in the way, and you want the town to pay $8,000 to move it?

No problem, call the mayor.

Don’t want to hear a pesky train whistle?  After all they only sound the whistle to save lives.

No problem, call the mayor.

Need to promote your private business but want the town to waive the $3,600 fees that you should pay to rent the band shell?

No problem, call the mayor.

Need chicanes to turn your Yuppie street into an obstacle course?

No problem, call the mayor.

Need to protest the Nokiida trail but want the town to pay the bill?

Yup you guessed it.

This last example of pandering to SIGs is the one I want to explore to the fullest, because it is the most absurd, and one of the most expensive.

If Nokiidaa is the Ojibwa word for “walking together” then the big question I have is why aren’t we?

Why is Aurora not walking together with its neighbor Newmarket who has already completed its sections of the Nokiidaa trail?

More importantly why are Aurorans not walking together with each other on the Nokiidaa trail already?

Sean Pearce chose the terms “taking the slow and steady route” to describe all of the waffling and mamby pambyness that is happening from Aurora council on this issue.  What a joke.

If you can stomach it you can read his piece here:

Mr. Pearce uses the terms “a small, but vocal corps of opposition” to describe what was counted as 8 supporters lead by local lunatic Hedi Stoeklin, who have effectively chewed through more than $30,000 in consultancy fees to oppose what the majority of Aurorans want.

Heidi “tinfoil hat” Stoeklin has exhausted a lot of resources to make her point including 4 long nonsensical and rambling letters to the Auroran where she extols her belief that the boardwalk is “unnecessary”.

1.) The Auroran, Volume 10, Number 6, Week of November 24, 2009 (page 8), “She wants a vote on trail through wetland”

Heidi responds to Robb Ogilvie the mediator contracted by the town (at the aforementioned cost of $30,000) by saying “people like you are killing me as well as countless other human beings”.

Mr. Ogilvie is “killing” her?

What a drama queen.

She then goes on to say “to ensure your time and public monies are not further wasted we believe a vote is the only solution”

So after wasting $30,000 you want the town to spend money on orchestrating a public vote?

What planet does this lady reside on?

2.) The Auroran, Volume 10, Number 9, Week of December 1, 2009 (page 1&14), “Eight protesters show to fight Nokiidaa plans”

All you need to do is read the headline: “8 protestors…”

Enough said.

3.) The Auroran, Volume 10, Number 9, Week of December 1, 2009 (page 4&6) “Communities don’t need Nokiidaa Trail”.
“We believe opening up this space will create easier access to our communities for natural predators like coyotes and human predators like stalkers and exhibitionists.”

Easier access for coyotes, stalkers and exhibitionists?

What?  Are coyotes, stalkers and exhibitionists a rampant problem on our trail system currently?

If so I haven’t heard about it.

Ms. Macleod, one of the 8 protesters, opposed the trail is that she believes it will lead to “other things”.


She then sites the boardwalk along St. John’s Side road to see the potential that exists for problems if the link goes through.

What problems is she referring to? 

I drive across St. John’s Side road almost daily and have never seen “garbage piled up” or “dead animals”.

She even reports that “someone strung bacon over the railing of the boardwalk”

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing this is an ongoing problem and not an isolated incident.

What is the proposed solution from these protesters : an alternate route along the east side of Yonge Street.

Yeah that’s a practical and safe alternative, you idiots.

William Duthie rebuts all of Stoeklin’s nonsense in his letter to The Auroran, Volume 10, Number 10, December 22, 2009 (page 6) “Why can’t public enjoy wetland”.

He does it bluntly and effectively, to which of course Heidi naturally responded the following issue of The Auroran week of January 12, 2010 (pages 4&8) “Trail oponents ready for meeting”

If Heidi’s response was not upsetting enough, the result of appeasing this minuscule bunch of people the cost of the trail link has now been bloated out to an obscene 3/4 of a million dollars, or as Mr. Pearce has pointed out about $437,000 more than anticipated.


Ms. Stoeklin and her merry band of morons have effectively turned a very simple trail connection into an elaborate and unnecessarily costly project.

She has effectively run up costs of over $460,000 and then she has the nerve to say :

“We believe during times of a recession and a world wide concern in regard to protecting our environment, that such continued unnecessary spending of the taxpayers’ dollars and lack of concern for future generations is irresponsible of all levels of Canadian government and disgraceful of individual local politicians and corporate sponsors.”

Ms. Stoeklin obviously fails to see the irony here.  She, and her environmental nut jobs, also fails to understand that human beings are a life form too.

We are supposedly celebrating the year of “Sport, Health & Fitness”, yet the failure to connect the Nokiida trail extension restricts these activities.

Extending the Nokiida trail makes sense.

Grasping at straws to suggest otherwise, and throwing small tantrums where you gather together a hand full of people you may have brainwashed does nothing to persuade the masses why this trail should not go through.

I guess there’s no surprise as to why we are seeing is a huge push from MorMac to secure the lunatic votes.

You’d have to be insane to vote for these two ass-hats.

One thought on “a lunatic is simply a minority of one

  1. Good post Chris although permit me to amend one point.
    Heidi-Ho didn’t cost the town a penny – the idiots who listened to her did.
    I’m actually a little surprised the current regime humoured this whack job, seeing as that there were so few political points to score from such a small SIG.
    Keep up the good work!

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