Accolades and Asshats


George Hervey wrote a letter to the Auroran last week suggesting the revival of Dick Illingworth's "Bouquets and Brikbats".

I couldn't agree more, however I would be saddened to see it fall to a mediocre columnist such as Stephen Sommerville.

Scott Johnston would be more apropos, but considering he already contributes a weekly comic strip in addition to a biweekly column such a request may prove to be a large draw on his time.

And then there's always the possibility that out of respect for Mr. Illingworth that the format remains his and is not resurrected, although I fail to see how Dick would have wanted that, he never struck me as a possessive individual, just someone who presented checks and balances, and rewards to his town and its citizens.

Either way I figured there's no point in waiting around to see if this idea will get fleshed out over at The Auroran, I've already used the format and combined it with an online poll and it seemed to be successful.

So without further ado, and with no disrespect to Dick, I present a new weekly segment here on my blog titled "Aurora, Accolades and Asshats" where I will be dishing out both.

If you feel as though someone should be nominated for an Accolade or an Asshat feel free to let me know and we can celebrate our ups and downs together.


Watts on your mind?

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