“We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”


Anyone attending the Aurora Farmers Market last Saturday would have agreed with General Patton.

Almost the entire duration of the market you would have found a gaggle of politicians obstructing traffic to and from the park. 

The Mayor (and her beard), Councilor Granger, and even Councilor Gaertner were all congregated in the middle of Wells St. making
it impossible to walk a clear path from the top to bottom end of strip of vendors without running into them.

Having to pass them twice without any acknowledgment that they provided an obstacle, or any attempts to clear the path I watched as others had to do what I did and swing wide into vendors booths and crossing over the safety mats that covered the electrical cables.

For those of us with strollers not seeking a plastic smile or a handshake these uncontentious and self important ass-hats provided a clear safety violation.

They also seem to be in contravention of the Aurora Parks and Property By-law Number 4752-05.P

(i) “loitering” means being in a public place without a meaningful purpose or where or obstructing, harassing or intimidating other persons so to inhibit their enjoyment;

(l) obstructing the passage of pedestrians on a walkway in a public place or park rendering passage impassable or difficult; loitering in a public place or park after being instructed to move by a peace officer; the use of offensive language or gestures; the harassment or intimidation of another person or persons in a park or public place;

I looked under “Exclusions and Exemptions” for this bylaw which reads:

(b) employees or agents of the municipality while engaged in works or services undertaken for or on behalf of the municipality;

Either these politicians were engaged in work (read campaigning) and doing so without a stall at the Market, or they are in violation of this bylaw.

Regardless we could all do without the cold stares, pointing, whispering and plotting from Phyllis and her gang and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the market for what it offers, great vendors with great products and services.

If they think there is a place for politics at the market then by all means let them apply for a booth, but for the love of god get off the street.


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