a “minor” lapse of integrity


Tom Peters said there is no such thing, but Counilor Gaertner, Aurora's self-proclaimed poster child for consistency, process and procedure begs to differ.

At Tuesday's council meeting there was an inordinate amount of time spent humming and hawing over a $15K sponsorship request for a hockey tournament.

You can watch the meeting online here:

@ 37:00 Councilor Gaertner offers the following rationality for supporting the motion in front of her:

"I know this doesn't follow process.  I know it's something that we really shouldn't do according to how we've been operating for the last few years being (sigh) open and transparent, and all of that. And really adhering to all of our principles and all of our procedures…"

You could see her rolling her googly eyes, and even adding mentaly "blah, blah, blah"

"It goes against all of my principles with respect to financial accountability and responsibility but I would support a motion supporting this"

Let's recap.

A councilor states that she:

a) recognizes that she is about to do something she shouldn't

b) is failing to follow process

c) is opting not to adhere to council's principles

d) is choosing to be unaccountable and act without responsibility in regards to matters of towns finance

This councilor swore an oath and signed a code of conduct yet somehow decides that it is okay for her not to uphold either.

If integrity is an all or nothing deal then what more does one need to file a complaint?

Ms. Gaertner has filed intent to run for Councilor in the upcoming election.

One has to wonder if she will be "open" and "transparent" about her lapses if integrity such as this one in her campaign literature.


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