Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match


Karl Kraus was proven right this week as Ontario witnessed a 5.5 earthquake north of Ottawa with ripples felt all the way up to North Bay.

After all of the ensuing chaos subsided I thought it would be worth a visit to witness the ravaging effect on Wells St. Public school.

With all of the expert engineers and seismic studies that cautioned that the school could not withstand an earthquake I expected to see a smoldering pile of rubble.

Surprisingly there it stood without a scratch, just as it had after the earthquakes it has experienced over the last 100 years.

I had to scratch my head.

It defied everything the Board of Education had stated in their reports.

The following is an excerpt from a report that you can read in full here:

Peer Review/Seismic Risk: It is staff’s opinion that a peer review is unnecessary and that the seismic risk was properly assessed. The Board’s consultant team included accredited structural, mechanical and civil engineers, as well as architects and experts in heritage buildings. The consultant team was directed by Board staff, who are also registered professional engineers. IBI Group, which led the external evaluation, is an international firm with significant seismic experience. IBI Group, for example, has maintained an office in Los Angeles for over 20 years and has completed numerous projects including major school related work for the Los Angeles Unified School District involving seismic design. The seismic risk was assessed in accordance with accepted industry standards and the Ontario Building Code. Any peer review would use the same standards.

So how is it that all of these "highly accredited" "expert" engineers with "significant seismic experience" failed to recognize the obvious fact that Aurora is not located in California and that Wells Street PS is not located on a fault line?

No school is entirely earthquake proof, and the odds are if a large enough earthquake hit, then most buildings in Aurora would fail as well, as proven by the events of this week.

If there's a fault line anywhere it runs all the way through the logic of the Board's decision to close the school.

When it comes to buildings like Wells St. Public School they may not make them like they used to, but idiots are a different matter altogether.


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