red white and who?


As we gear up for the Canada day festivities here in Aurora I find myself confused by the choice of words for describing oneself as a “Red Hot” Canadian.

Who came up with that?

Is the idea to be closely aligned with Red Hot TV (  ) a premium adult entertainment television channel?

I guess that takes care of Canadian content now doesn’t it?

If not and it’s supposed to embody “uber pride” what exactly would make someone believe that Canadian pride is some kind of clique for you to join, or a brand that you wear to fit in?

Doesn’t sound very inclusive to me.

When was it decided that it is not enough to just be a Canadian?

I don’t consider myself a “red hot” Canadian, but I’ve always been a proud Canadian.

In fact If you’re a Canadian and are reading this then I expect that you are proud too.

Born and raised a Canadian I recognized at an early age that there is much to be proud of.  I also recognized that Canadian pride and patriotism runs a lot differently here than in the states. 

Unlike our fanatical nationalistic neighbors to the south, Canadians do not feel the need to shout out their pride.  We aren’t a nation of cheerleaders, we’re not trying to show off to other countries.

Canadians don’t need to engage in such flamboyant and over the top displays, because they do nothing to embody the true spirit of our great nation.

We all observe a quiet patriotism because we know it is there.

July 1st is a great opportunity to share our pride and I encourage everyone to do exactly that, just in their own way.

In an ad that was run in this weeks Auroran, there was a request for people to “Volunteer to be a Clown in Parade”

Given the generous photo that has been Sher-ed with us I think it is safe to say that that position has been covered.

I may take in some of the parade tomorrow to see exactly what $15,000 buys the town, but will be more interested to take in the festivities over at town park which are the real focus of Aurora’s July 1st celebrations. 

Face painting, bouncy castles, beer tent and fireworks.

All worth the price of admission, which is nothing more than celebrating our Canadian-ness with each other, without being told how.


3 thoughts on “red white and who?

  1. I must confess, that despite your views and beliefs of the municipal political scene this article of uniting on Canada Day and the quiet patriotism we all have as Canadians is a point seldom raised.

    Yes some of our neighbors to the south are more open and make a lot more noise on July 4 than we do on July 1,but as Canadians i feel we are a lot better off economically, health wise and so on.

    At least we haven’t had a major oil spill in the Great Lakes yet!

  2. and this one which reports a University of Chicago study that outlines how Americans and Canadians are proud of their countries, but not for the same things

    oh, and Brad, as for not having a major oil spill in the Great Lakes, that’s probably less attributed to differences between Us & Canadian energy policies and more likely because there is no oil drilling operation.

    The Alberta tar sands should be a good comparable as to how Canadians are poised to create an environmental disaster potentially rivaling the BP disaster, so I don’t think as a Canadian you can take such a sanctimonious stand.

    It was my “view and belief” that you loopy Green Party nuts knew all this stuff already.

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