core problems


Do our elected officials see Aurora as a town or a Fox reality T.V. show?

The Mayora Banner reports "Aurora getting makeover" :–aurora-getting-makeover

Placing a tuxedo on a turd doesn't make it any less of a turd, so one has to wonder who our mayor and EDAC expect to fool with their latest asinine initiative titled "Clean Up Aurora"?

Aurora's downtown core doesn't need a makeover, it needs strong leadership and common sense.

Both qualities that Mr. Ballard and MorMac have proven they are incapable of providing.

We need to get past the superficial and address the core problems head on, and for these morons to boast that "the wooden boards around the land at Yonge and Tyler streets have been brightened up with some artwork" explains the root of the problem very clearly.

Their proposed solution is to "power wash the sidewalks"


Yeah that's a good use of $143,000.

As for "repainting street lines" or "enforcing bylaws" isn't this what the town is already supposed to be doing?

You don't need a "campaign" to tell people you're doing your job, you simply need to do it. 
The fact that you have let things slide for 3.5 years is very telling.

Here's an idea, and obviously one that escapes the Mayor and the ass-hats on E.D.A.C. :

If you "want to change the way people think about the downtown", or provide a reason for "residents to no longer be ashamed of the downtown" why not listen to the few remaining business owners, and provide them with the resources they have been pleading for instead of ignoring them and proceeding with a band-aid solution like this one.

To attract new businesses rent needs to be subsidized by the town, and $143,000 could be better spent towards this end rather then some piddly "clean up".

I love the terminology used by Neil Garbe : "The downtown core would be a quick win"

If anyone sees this as anything but another attempt to varnish reality leading up to the election they are breathing in the fumes.

Given the numerous cracks showing in her foundation do we really want our town to become as superficial as our mayor?


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